Friday, April 27, 2012


A year ago today, I woke up not knowing that my life was about to change. It was just another day. When I went to sleep that night, my life had been altered. A tornado ripped through my city destroying everything in its path. It took over 50 innocent lives including 6 University of Alabama students. It came so close to my apartment that it left me wondering why God spared me & my belongings and not our neighbors down the street. I didnt sleep for days because I stayed up worrying about my students. I had nightmare after nightmare for months after because of the things I saw and heard.
Tuscaloosa will never be the same (as I knew it) and neither will I. My heart sill aches for my town and everyone affected. Several other cities in Alabama were hit that day taking 252 (someone correct me if I'm wrong) lives. It is a day that noone in Alabama will ever forget.

Here is my post from that day BEFORE the tornado - I had no clue what was coming.
Here is my post recalling the events of that horrible day.

Please continue to pray for Tuscaloosa and the whole state of Alabama as we are still taking it day by day trying to recover.

I have never shared pictures from that day on my blog so I thought I'd share a few. Pictures don't do it justice though. Seeing it with your own eyes is very surreal.

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