Saturday, April 14, 2012

Flapjack 5k

I ran the Flapjack 5k this morning for Ty's church and did it in 29:01! I am super pumped about that time! This is my 4th 5k and my second time in under 30 min! I ran in the same race last year and it was the same flat course (yippee!). I had a blast and am so glad I ran it in under 30. The church served flapjacks after the race, which I inhaled in about 2 minutes. It doesn't sound appetizing right after you run but I didn't care, it was carbs to refuel!

I haven't slept in past 6 in 2 weeks so after the race, I took a nice long nap, which was much needed!!!

I think I may have become addicted to running in races. I already found a 10k on May 5th that i want to run in here in town. And I just signed up for the color run (have y'all heard of these? Looks like so much fun), which is a 5k on September 3rd. If I do the one in
May, i might make it a goal to run in one race a month...10k or 5k.

I have thought about training for a half marathon but I think for now I need to run a few more 10Ks first. We will see where that takes me! :)

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! It's a beautiful day here in Alabama!!

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