Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my wednesday...

I woke up about 5am to the sound of thunder & hail as well as my room being lit up by lightning. I kept trying to remember if there was a large tree outside my window because I was so scared! I never really went back to sleep before my alarm went off and I immediately checked our school's website to see if we were going to school. I was about to get up about 6:20 when I got the text that we didn't have school. I was a little confused because the worst seemed to be over. I called my one of my co-workers who informed me that there was another line of storms coming and alot of people were without power so that was probably the reason we weren't going in. Of course, I was happy to get an unexpected day off - however, we have to make this day up at the end which I am NOT thrilled about. Is it bad to tell my kids not to come that day?? ;)

Anyways, there has been alot of damage from the storms this morning all across the state of Alabama so I am very thankful I am ok and there was no damage to our apt complex! The pictures they were showing on the news were insane. I have a feeling that the storms coming are worse than the one this morning so say a prayer for my state!!!

My friend Lauren (who is also a teacher) lost power this morning so she came over about 8:30 because neither of us could go back to sleep (which also makes me mad!! I didn't even get to sleep in!). She brought me chick-fil-a and we laid in bed all morning watching the news, and watching our all time favorite...

The rest of my day has looked lie this:

my bed & friends on tv - what a lovely day.

lunch at Newks :)

Checking James Spann's FB page for updates - and if you were wondering, we are right in the BULLSEYE of the tornadoes! How lovely.
Be safe Alabama!!!!!!!


  1. Hey Kathleen,

    I know you don't know me but I have followed your blog for a little while and I was just mentally thinking through all the bloggers who I keep up with and if any of them may have been in areas hit hard by tornadoes - thought of you, came here and saw you are in Tuscaloosa! :( Just wanted to say hope you are ok and I will be praying for you!


  2. Wow if you only knew when you wrote this how bad you were going to get it in just a few short hours! So glad you are safe!

  3. Hello. I am just checking in to make sure you are safe and ok. I have been watching the coverage and my heart hearts for you, your town, and the people of Alabama. You are in my thoughts and prayers.