Monday, March 19, 2012

Puppies puppies puppies!

We got to go see the puppies on Saturday and we did not want to leave!!! They are beyond precious & so little! I loved watching them play with each other & cuddle as they slept! They were not used to noises so we got a lot of barking because apparently we were talking too loud. :)
We do not know which one is Emma yet because we are going to wait until their little personalities come out in the next couple of weeks! We go get her on April 7th & the breeder is gonna help us pick the most laid back one! We stayed to play with them for about 2 hours and I fell so in love! I know they don't stay that little for long so I tried to soak it all in!!! Here are some pictures from our visit....enjoy!

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  1. SO cute! How are you ever going to be able to pick just one!