Monday, August 29, 2011

time to spill the beans...

(I wrote the first half of this post yesterday...)
First off (before I spill the beans..), It's my birthday!! And what a wonderful day I have had!!! I've been at the lake all weekend with my parents and Ty's family! That is exactly what I wanted to do! So relaxing!!! We have been sun bathing, tubing, sea-doo riding, and eating!!!! :) Perfect way to spend my 24th birthday!!! we go!!!

I got a teaching job!!!!

I started teaching!!! 

I got the job 2 Fridays ago...It was very quick, a resume sent & 2 interviews later and I got the job! I got my room ready this past Thursday and Friday with the help of my amazing mother and Ty's amazing mother! Could not have done it without them!!! 

I feel very blessed to be at the school I am at. The teachers and administration have been so very sweet to me helping the transition go smoothly. God has truly answered a prayer that I have been praying for a LONG time. 

I am super excited about Kindergarten and know it is going to be a wonderful year!! My new babies are so sweet and so little! I just love them already!! 

Again, thank you to all who prayed for me 2 Fridays ago and thank you to my family and friends who have continued to pray through my teaching career journey so far.

I have pictures of my classroom that I haven't gotten off my iPhone yet so when I do, I will post them!!!


  1. Congratulations! A teaching job for you was exactly what I was praying for!


  2. Hope your 2nd day was just as good as the first!