Thursday, January 27, 2011


This sums up how I've been feeling lately....


I can't seem to get a good sleep pattern right now. The past couple of weeks I have been dragging by 3:15 when school ends. The other night I crawled into my warm electric blanket/fuzzy blanket filled bed that I love so much at 8:45. Yes, 8:45. However, Ty had just worked out and was eating dinner and didn't call til 9:45 then we talked for awhile so didn't get to sleep til after 10:30. My problem is not getting into bed early, its actually falling asleep early. I'm addicted to watching TV before I go to bed which, yes, I KNOW, is bad for you but I can't help it. I long for a good Full House or Friends episode before I drift off to dream land. It calms my mind. This school year has been hard and when I lay down at night, my mind seems to be running 90 to nothing. I literally pray that God will help my mind stop running so I can go to sleep. I've also been napping some after school which also throws me off but I just can't even sit on the couch after school without falling asleep! And its going to get worse next week because I start tutoring after school 3 days a week until 4:45. More exhaustion! But I know I will like it and will like they extra $$ at the end of the month. :) Good news though, tomorrow is Friday which means I get to sleep in Saturday and Sunday before church! Oh how I live for those lazy weekends! Hopefully tomorrow I won't fall asleep at 7 like I did two Fridays ago. Slightly embarrassing. 

Hope everyone has a great Friday!!!!!!!! :)

Please pray for Ty's family. His grandmother passed away last Friday and the funeral was Monday. During the visitation before the funeral, his uncle had a heart attack and they had to call an ambulance and go to the ER. He is going to be fine but they had to reschedule the funeral for Tuesday. He is home now and should make a full recovery. Please pray for peace and comfort knowing his grandmother is in Heaven with God and her husband and is in no more pain, as well as a full recovery for his uncle!! Thank you!

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  1. There's nothing wrong with falling asleep at 7:00, there are many a days that I wish I could do that :)
    I know you already know this, but STOP watching TV before bed, it makes your mind race even faster than it already was. I know you probably don't want to hear this either, but try reading before bed and definitely stop napping after school...ok, now I'm off my mommy soap box, hope it helps!