Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 23 - favorite vacation

well i accidentally did day 21 twice - my last post was supposed to be day 22 (your favorite town) and i wrote day 21 again! oops. Anyways, now is day 23 - your favorite vacation

I don't really think I can pinpoint ONE vacation that is my favorite because every vacation is amazing right? :) When I think back to all the vacations I have been on in the past couple of years, a few stand out - my high school senior trip (a cruise with my 2 best friends), my Sophomore year of college spring break (daytona and disney world with 4 of my best friends), or the Daytona last year with Ty, his family, and my parents. Those were all amazing trips but I'm gonna have to go with Sophomore Year of College Spring Break!

We decided to go to Daytona because Panama City/Destin/Gulf Shores were all too cold in March! After deciding on Daytona and realizing it was only an hour or so away from Orlando, we decided to go to Disney World after our week at the beach! The week started with 5 best friends piling into 2 cars and making the 8-9 hour treck to Daytona. We stayed in a very nice hotel room right on the beach! We went to the beach everyday and relaxed. There is nothing quite like sitting on the beach with your girlfriends soaking up the sun. It was wonderful. We stayed in some nights, and ventured out some nights. The nights in were my favorite - talking about boys, friends, school, life, and our dreams. At the end of our week long stay, we ventured to Disney World and stayed in the Sports Resort Hotel inside Disney! We had such a blast - we only stayed at Magic Kingdom for one day but we stayed ALL day long! We had such a blast!! The next day we made the treck back home which was tiring - but it was so worth it! We shared so many fun moments on that trip that will stay with me forever! When I went back to Daytona last summer with Ty's family - all those memories from years before came back to me! Here are some of my favorite pictures from that trip:

watching the fireworks at Disney



Did this again, 3 years later with Casey!

After Bubba Gumps!

Love them!

In the Hotel Room!

What is your favorite Vacation Spot?


  1. In that 2nd picture you dont look American!

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Anna!