Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My next 5k!

I have officially picked out my next race! I am doing another 5k again, simply because its freezing out and I cannot make myself run in this everyday to get ready for a 10k. I so enjoyed my last 5k, so I know I will enjoy this one as well. This one will be in downtown Birmingham and with alot more people than my last one. Should be quite different than my one in Trussville. I have gotten back into working out and am loving the way I feel everyday. I always go through slumps where I don't go work out or run and I had been in a slump since December. Now, if I could only get enough sleep at night, I'd be good to go! ha!

Back to my 5k....the registration fee supports colon cancer which is of course, great!

I am pretty excited about it, and anxious to see what my time will be. I ran my last one is 28:50 so we will see if I can beat it! :)

Running and Working out are total stress relievers for me. If you have stress in your life, take 30 minutes out of your day and go run/walk/workout. I promise you - you will feel so much better! I usually leave work with a headache and working out/running completely takes my headache away! Not to mention, it gets you in shape! :)

The only thing I really need to work on is eating healthier. Why is junk food so dang good? I mean honestly. However, I did make a great dinner and healthy dessert for Ty on Saturday night (I will post the recipes later).

Anyone have any healthy recipes I can try??

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