Monday, March 29, 2010


All you readers out there (or maybe just my sister) are my accountability for my P90X workout plan! I said yesterday that I was going to do at least 5 (maybe 6 or 7) videos a week. I am trying to be reasonable and I think 5 videos is very reasonable. So, I thought I'd update you.

Day 1 - Thursday (3/25): Cardio (about 40 minutes) - here is the description ~ Low-impact cardio routine that is a fun fat-burning workout that will leave you feeling lean and mean.

Day 2 - Saturday (3/27): Shoulders and Arms (53 minutes) -Description ~ Potent combination of pressing, curling, and fly movements, that will leave you stronger. I also did Abs on Saturday (16 minutes) ~ Sculpt the six-pack abs of your dreams and benefit your health and physical performance.

Day 3 - Sunday (3/28): Kenpo (about an hour) - Description ~ Intense cardiovascular workout with punching and kicking for endurance, balance, and coordination.

Day 4 - Monday (3/29): Cardio again - Ty says you are supposed to do cardio about 3 times a week so here is my day 2 of cardio!

I am quite proud of myself so far. Go here to learn more about the P90X workout! I think I love it so much so far because I don't have to leave my apartment! Yesterday I had my back door open so I could feel the lovely gym can beat that! =) Now I just have to stop eating those stupid peeps..........
They stare at me and I can't help but eat them....

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beautiful Sunday

Today has been a beautiful day in Tuscaloosa. Tuscaloosa is extra beautiful on sunny days. I LOVE it here in the spring. I rarely go on campus anymore but I vividly remember walking to class every spring LOVING how amazingly beautiful campus is in the Spring. Everytime I pass the quad now on a sunny day I have to go extra slow to take in its beauty. I am so blessed to be able to go to such a gorgeous college, not to mention get to live here after college. It saddens me that I never get to go on campus anymore. I feel like I live in a little bubble-school, home, school, home, school, home...and sometimes wal-mart. :) Anyways, the quad is so pretty in the spring. I babysat my kids this afternoon and we went to lunch then went to play on the quad. I used to really want twins but I have babysat these twins since they were babies and jeez, I am worn out everytime I keep them. It is hard work with 2 babies the same age! Luckily, their big sister is such a huge help. She is 5 and pushed around a stroller all day. :) Anyways, here are some lovely pictures of our afternoon:

Ingrid climbing a tree on the quad

Why bring balls when we have strollers to play with?


Lets get in and out of the stroller 100 times! :) how fun!

Zeke pushing the stroller around

Oh, its so much fun to push a stroller....

Zeke and Xander

Ingrid with Wallace Wade's Statue

amazingly beautiful.

In other news, I put up these new decorations (by myself I might add). I had the shelves and vases but I got the "Believe" sign at Ross last weekend for $4! This is hanging on the wall behind our kitchen table! I think its a nice little touch to my little apartment :) What do you think?

I found this little note the other night when I was grading papers. This is why I love my job!!!! Finding notes like this on the back of homework papers make my heart melt. It makes all the stress disappear. Don't you love how she spelled my name too? ;)

One more thing - Ty has downloaded the P90X workout videos for me. If you don't know what they are...well, I really don't either but I have heard they are so hardcore and people start the program and never finish and the workouts are really hard. Well, I started on Thursday and then did another one yesterday. I am loving them so far. I really feel like I am accomplishing something! So, who wants to keep me accountable and make sure I do a video almost every day? I'm not going to be unrealistic and say I will do them everyday because we all know come friday, I'm just simply exhausted! Not to mention we go out of town alot on the weekends. So, I'm going to set a goal - 5-6 times a week. Its supposed to be a 90 day plan but I will probably keep doing them after 90 days. Anyways, keep me accountable PLEASE!!!!!!!! :)

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL weekend!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tips Tuesday - Clothes

Well hello Tips Tuesday - I have missed you. The past couple of weeks I haven't had much to say. However, I have lots to say about this one, even though I do NOT think I am fashionable whatsoever. This will be more of....where I get the best deals.

I am weird about shopping. I NEVER buy anything unless I absolutely LOVE it. I am not one to waste money on a shirt or pants that will sit in my closet and rot. I only buy something if I look in the mirror and just HAVE to have it. Also, I am not one to drop 100 bucks on anything. That's just ridiculous when you can find good stuff for cheap. Now, I HATE to shop. My mom and sisters can tell you - I am known to have "shopping attacks" in the dressing room when I can't stand trying on one more piece of clothing. I never went shopping in high school. Anna shopped for me, or I just got her old clothes. I think my mom used to bribe me to go shopping because I hated it so much. My old roomies used to buy me cookies if I would go to the mall and go shopping and didn't complain. :) Anyways, my point is, I despise shopping. When I shop, I'm in and out as quickly as possible. Here are some places I shop/tips for shopping for clothes:

1. ROSS - you can't beat this store. I love it. It is sometimes one of those "hit or miss" stores where sometimes you go in and find nothing, or you go in and hit the jackpot. I buy alot of clothes here when I do go shopping. They have very cute/fashionable clothes marked WAYY down from department stores. We don't have one in Tuscaloosa but we do at home and EVERY time I go home, mom and I have to go to Ross. They also have cute purses, home decor, workout gear, shoes, etc.

2. - I am obsessed with Forever 21...but only online. I NEVER find anything in the stores when I go. However, their online collection is a girl's heaven. You should check it out!

3. Victoria'sSecret. com -Yes, I know....they are slightly expensive. However, you can find stuff on sale for a reasonable price. They have ADORABLE "teacher clothes" as I call them. You might call them work clothes... :) Anyways, I also love their swimsuits and cute tops. Look for sales here because they do have them, and when they do...thats when you buy.

4. Target - Ohhhh how I love my target. My little sister is a walking model of target. I think thats all she wears. They have adorable, cute, affordable clothes and such cute shoes as well. is also a great place to find shoes and clothes that aren't in stores. They have by far the cutest sandals every spring. I always have to check out their spring shoes because I usually buy a pair every spring.

As I said before, I hate to shop so I don't have many tips but this is what I do when I HAVE to shop. :)

Also, this isn't really a tip--more like a "good deed" that has to do with your clothes. Clean out your closet twice a year and donate your clothes to the thrift store or the Salvation Army!! :) You know you don't wear all those clothes in your closet so give them to someone who will wear them! :)

*A little off the subject-Please Please Please pray for me this week (or maybe next week) - I am supposed to have my observation by my principal sometime very soon. She told me to "watch out for her this week" so I have been overly prepared everyday!! I have already had nightmares about it so I just want to get it over with! I hate waiting! I'm not really worried about it, just ready to get it over with!! The only thing I worry about is how my kids will act (which shouldn't be a problem but you'd be surprised how ONE person in the room who is not normally there will throw them off). Anyways, I would greatly appreciate your prayers!!! Thank you!

Happy Tuesday!! Head over to Leslie's blog for more tips on shopping/clothes!

Monday, March 22, 2010

ohh monday!

this one will be short and sweet, im about to go cook dinner for ty....i'll let yall know how that goes :)

just a little "not me monday"

i did NOT wake up at 5:30 when i normally wake up at 6:30 because i was so excited to go back to school to see all my babies that i couldn't sleep. :)

i do NOT watch too many episodes of Criminal Minds that it now scares me to death to drive 2 minutes to my best friend melissa's house at night by myself....and i did NOT make my mother ride with me to her house the other night because i was scared that a serial killer was waiting for me in my car.

***another reminder - my Scentsy party is on Saturday, April 3rd from 3-5pm. Let me know if you want to come! I have sent out my E-vite already but I can send it to anyone, just let me know!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

greatest girlfriend award goes to...

me! yes, thats right...i have given myself an award for being the best girlfriend ever. yesterday i went with ty to lake guntersville to go fishing....and let me just tell you it was not what you think. it was not 80 degrees with the sun shining, the fish were not biting, summer music was not on the radio, i did not have my bathing suit on, and i did not get that warm fuzzy feeling when you go fishing in the summer with your cute boyfriend and have no cares in the world. it was freezing, cloudy, windy, etc. here's a lowdown on what i was wearing - - gloves, hat, short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, and had 2 jackets over my legs. it was "ok" when we were sitting still fishing but when ty got that boat goin fast - it was FREEZING!!! i thought long and hard about why i did this with him and of course came to the conclusion that i did it cuz im just crazy about him and want to be with him. however, i do think i deserve an award for being the best girlfriend ever! i want a shiny trophy, like the ones i got in 8th grade just for participating in a cheerleading competition. i think i deserve it, don't you?

i thought about the things that were good about the day and came up with 2 things - 1) i slept on the boat while he fished so i got some naps in ;) 2) i got to spend time with him!

those were the only 2 good things about fishing with my boyfriend yesterday. needless to say, when he told me he was going back today....i sent him on his way at 7:30 this morning while i was nestled under the electric blanket getting some much needed shut eye. :)

don't get me wrong, i LOVE fishing with him when its warm outside and the fish are actually biting. however, fishing in the cold, windy weather when the fish are nowhere to be found just doesn't amuse me. i don't know how ty doesnt get bored. jeez. i was so bored i fell asleep - about 4 times.

here is when i LIKE to fish with my cute boyfriend:

spring break update-having a fabulous week. 4 more days. slow down spring break, slow down!!!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

spring break!

FINALLY! It is finally spring break and I could not be more ready for a break! I did get a little sad when I hugged my babies goodbye today. They keep asking if they are going to 2nd grade when we get back from spring break...haha! Lucky them, they get to stay with me for a bit longer.... :) I always miss them over long by next Sunday, I might be ready to see them again! However, I am so excited to RELAX this week! We have nothing planned! Ty wants to go fishing a couple of days so looks like I'll be tagging along catching more fish than him.. :) I will also hopefully be seeing my sister and sweet nephew and niece! yay!!!

So, my first Scentsy party will be on April 3rd from 3-5pm at my sister, Christen's house in Riverchase (Birmingham). Extra thanks to my sweet sister for letting us have the party at her house! I am doing an "e-vite" so if you would like to be invited or know anyone who would like to be invited, please leave me your e-mail address! I figure this will be a better way of inviting everyone since I will not be seeing everyone in the near future.

I know I'm lucky because I have a big girl job and I still get a spring break but if anyone else out there is lucky enough like me to have one.....enjoy your spring break!!! and if you are reading this thinking..."i hate her, she still gets a spring break and i have to go to work"---just remember i chase around seventeen 6 and 7 yr olds for 8 hours everyday....and i am responsible for getting them to 2nd grade. (not saying your job isnt important...just saying, I PERSONALLY think i deserve a break!) =)

ok, ok enough rambling.....TGIF! :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


last week was a blur. it went by so fast. it was a combination of a field trip, starting scentsy, dr. seuss' birthday, continuously wondering how the heck it was march, and not seeing ty all week. lets start with how the heck is it really march? i mean really, last i remember, it was june and i was frantically trying to find a job - emailing every principal within a 50 mile radius of birmingham and acworth. then i blinked and it was september and i was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to mold 1st grade minds. then i blinked again and it was december and half of my 1st year of teaching was fast. and now its march....seriously? march? where did you come from? how in the heck is next week spring break? in only 2 short months, my 1st year of teaching will come to an end and i will start praying to my all-mighty God that i will again be blessed with an amazing job come next fall. even though you snuck up on me, i do like you march. you bring warmer weather, flowers, spring break, bright colors, pastel colors, short sleeves, the beginning of wedding season, the hope that summer will soon come, and many more wonderful things.

my first march weekend was a good one. date night with ty on friday, cousins wedding shower saturday along with seeing my mom and sister, and tys mom and sister, and then today ---ohh how i love sundays. i did not get out of my pjs all day (forgive me Lord for not going to church this morning). a day in your pjs can never be bad, right? right. i pretty much laid on the couch all day hanging out with ty. i love when we just get to sit, talk, and enjoy each other. today was a very productive day in my pjs. after watching tv for hours, i cleaned my entire apartment, washed dishes, finished laundry, ironed a huge pile of clothes, and made myself dinner. id say that was a productive day in my pjs, wouldnt you?

thank you march, for already being so wonderful to me. :)

Last March...this is what I was up to.....

hanging out with my 1 yr old nephew, Luke

meeting my precious new cousin, John Stuart (who was named after my Uncle Stu who passed away tragically in a motorcycle accident the august before he was born.) I can't wait until he understands the wonderful meaning of his name!

going fishing with this amazing guy....

and catching a few more fish than him ;)

and dog-sitting sophie because molly was gone the whole month of march (or so it seemed...) :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I am officially a Scentsy Consultant! Visit my Scentsy website ( to check out all their wonderful products! Email me/facebook me/message me on here if you would like something! You can also order right off the site! Their products are amazing! I have never had success in finding any candle that smells as good and as strong as these warmers do! It is also safer because there is no flame! I am working on a Georgia and Birmingham "Launch Party" so if you would like to come, let me know! I promise you will not be let down if you order these products! They are WONDERFUL! They just came out with a new catalog, which is amazing!! All you teachers, stay tuned because their Warmer of the Month in April is teacher themed.. :) and it is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! Okay, you must go to my site and check out all the amazing products! (and tell all your friends to do the same...)

Thanks friends! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tips Tuesday - Laundry

This week it is all about laundry, which I hate to do. I love clean clothes but I hate the process to get them clean. I can't imagine how much more I will hate it once I get married and have a family. My poor mother did laundry every single day with 4 girls (sorry mom). Anyways, I was rather spoiled growing up because I never once did a load of laundry until I got to college. And needless to say, I had to call my mom everytime I did it. My mom separates the clothes by color....literally every color-red, white, blue, green, pink....etc. So, this is the way I thought I had to do it....negative. After many fights, my roommate of 4 years finally talked me into to doing a load of whites and a load (or 2) of darks. I know the reason my mom did it the way she did was because there was soooo many clothes in our house.

Anyways, I can usually get away with doing laundry once every 2 weeks. I am usually scraping for work clothes by the end but that's how I have done it. Once I started teaching, I started only doing laundry on the weekends. I always like to do it Saturday morning so the "hang-up" clothes are dry by Monday morning. I hate picking up something and it still being wet. I do sheets and towels separately from that schedule as they need to be washed. I ONLY dry tshirts, underwear, socks, and SOME jeans. I am ANAL about this. I don't know why but I always have a fear that my clothes will shrink or mess up in the dryer so I hang up all nice shirts, pants, most jeans, sports bras, running shorts, etc. People may think differently, but thats how I do it. I have a drying rack that I use to dry these clothes on that works great, got it from IKEA (ps-BEST PLACE EVER-if you havent been there, GO!!). I always do my loads back to back just to get it over with. It is not unlikely that you could look in my dryer a week later to find the last load of laundry in there-yes, I said it. I get really busy during the week so sometimes that last week for example. :) Hey, that could be a great "Not Me Monday" tattle on myself. Anyways, I try not to do that, but-it happens. I do not have an ironing schedule....I usually iron what I need every morning...which I hate. I would love if someone would come iron all my clothes for me because that is my LEAST favorite thing to do. Anyone have any suggestions on tips for not having to iron clothes?

As far as laundry detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener, etc goes...I don't have a particular preference for detergent. I switch around alot, usually depending on what brand I have a coupon for. I am not one of those people who thinks that cheaper laundry detergent doesn't work. My clothes are always clean and I have bought my detergent at the dollar store on more than one occasion. Who can beat detergent for $1? I mean, seriously. I used to use fabric softener (mainly because my old roommate did) but now I just buy dryer sheets. I ALWAYS throw 2 of those babies in when I dry towels and sheets. I'm obsessed with the way sheets and towels feel hot out of the dryer. For regular loans, I just put in one. Again, I don't have a preference, I just buy whatever is on sale or I have a coupon for. They have all worked for me.

Okay, don't know if that was many tips but there ya go, Tips Tuesday! Head over to Leslie Lambert's blog for more (and better) laundry tips!!

ps-today we went on a field trip to Golden Flake and it was a pretty neat field trip. My babies had a complete blast and our tour guide let us eat pretty much every chip in sight....she was awesome!!

ONE MORE THING----I am starting to sell Scentsy...TONIGHT! I am going to sign up here in a couple of minutes so....please leave a comment if you would like any products or want to come to a party!!!! I will post tomorrow the link to my website... :)