Thursday, March 18, 2010

greatest girlfriend award goes to...

me! yes, thats right...i have given myself an award for being the best girlfriend ever. yesterday i went with ty to lake guntersville to go fishing....and let me just tell you it was not what you think. it was not 80 degrees with the sun shining, the fish were not biting, summer music was not on the radio, i did not have my bathing suit on, and i did not get that warm fuzzy feeling when you go fishing in the summer with your cute boyfriend and have no cares in the world. it was freezing, cloudy, windy, etc. here's a lowdown on what i was wearing - - gloves, hat, short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, and had 2 jackets over my legs. it was "ok" when we were sitting still fishing but when ty got that boat goin fast - it was FREEZING!!! i thought long and hard about why i did this with him and of course came to the conclusion that i did it cuz im just crazy about him and want to be with him. however, i do think i deserve an award for being the best girlfriend ever! i want a shiny trophy, like the ones i got in 8th grade just for participating in a cheerleading competition. i think i deserve it, don't you?

i thought about the things that were good about the day and came up with 2 things - 1) i slept on the boat while he fished so i got some naps in ;) 2) i got to spend time with him!

those were the only 2 good things about fishing with my boyfriend yesterday. needless to say, when he told me he was going back today....i sent him on his way at 7:30 this morning while i was nestled under the electric blanket getting some much needed shut eye. :)

don't get me wrong, i LOVE fishing with him when its warm outside and the fish are actually biting. however, fishing in the cold, windy weather when the fish are nowhere to be found just doesn't amuse me. i don't know how ty doesnt get bored. jeez. i was so bored i fell asleep - about 4 times.

here is when i LIKE to fish with my cute boyfriend:

spring break update-having a fabulous week. 4 more days. slow down spring break, slow down!!!!!!

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  1. You should most definitely win an award, don't know if I'd ever do that!
    Glad you didn't go fishing yesterday, so we could spend the day with you!