Sunday, March 7, 2010


last week was a blur. it went by so fast. it was a combination of a field trip, starting scentsy, dr. seuss' birthday, continuously wondering how the heck it was march, and not seeing ty all week. lets start with how the heck is it really march? i mean really, last i remember, it was june and i was frantically trying to find a job - emailing every principal within a 50 mile radius of birmingham and acworth. then i blinked and it was september and i was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to mold 1st grade minds. then i blinked again and it was december and half of my 1st year of teaching was fast. and now its march....seriously? march? where did you come from? how in the heck is next week spring break? in only 2 short months, my 1st year of teaching will come to an end and i will start praying to my all-mighty God that i will again be blessed with an amazing job come next fall. even though you snuck up on me, i do like you march. you bring warmer weather, flowers, spring break, bright colors, pastel colors, short sleeves, the beginning of wedding season, the hope that summer will soon come, and many more wonderful things.

my first march weekend was a good one. date night with ty on friday, cousins wedding shower saturday along with seeing my mom and sister, and tys mom and sister, and then today ---ohh how i love sundays. i did not get out of my pjs all day (forgive me Lord for not going to church this morning). a day in your pjs can never be bad, right? right. i pretty much laid on the couch all day hanging out with ty. i love when we just get to sit, talk, and enjoy each other. today was a very productive day in my pjs. after watching tv for hours, i cleaned my entire apartment, washed dishes, finished laundry, ironed a huge pile of clothes, and made myself dinner. id say that was a productive day in my pjs, wouldnt you?

thank you march, for already being so wonderful to me. :)

Last March...this is what I was up to.....

hanging out with my 1 yr old nephew, Luke

meeting my precious new cousin, John Stuart (who was named after my Uncle Stu who passed away tragically in a motorcycle accident the august before he was born.) I can't wait until he understands the wonderful meaning of his name!

going fishing with this amazing guy....

and catching a few more fish than him ;)

and dog-sitting sophie because molly was gone the whole month of march (or so it seemed...) :)

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  1. Luke's hair was so long & so light last year, he's changed so much...(tear)!
    We are so glad March is here too, bring on the warm weather!!