Friday, March 12, 2010

spring break!

FINALLY! It is finally spring break and I could not be more ready for a break! I did get a little sad when I hugged my babies goodbye today. They keep asking if they are going to 2nd grade when we get back from spring break...haha! Lucky them, they get to stay with me for a bit longer.... :) I always miss them over long by next Sunday, I might be ready to see them again! However, I am so excited to RELAX this week! We have nothing planned! Ty wants to go fishing a couple of days so looks like I'll be tagging along catching more fish than him.. :) I will also hopefully be seeing my sister and sweet nephew and niece! yay!!!

So, my first Scentsy party will be on April 3rd from 3-5pm at my sister, Christen's house in Riverchase (Birmingham). Extra thanks to my sweet sister for letting us have the party at her house! I am doing an "e-vite" so if you would like to be invited or know anyone who would like to be invited, please leave me your e-mail address! I figure this will be a better way of inviting everyone since I will not be seeing everyone in the near future.

I know I'm lucky because I have a big girl job and I still get a spring break but if anyone else out there is lucky enough like me to have one.....enjoy your spring break!!! and if you are reading this thinking..."i hate her, she still gets a spring break and i have to go to work"---just remember i chase around seventeen 6 and 7 yr olds for 8 hours everyday....and i am responsible for getting them to 2nd grade. (not saying your job isnt important...just saying, I PERSONALLY think i deserve a break!) =)

ok, ok enough rambling.....TGIF! :)

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  1. I'd like to go to Big Blue bagel one day for lunch this week while you're in town, let me know what day would work best for you.