Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tips Tuesday - Laundry

This week it is all about laundry, which I hate to do. I love clean clothes but I hate the process to get them clean. I can't imagine how much more I will hate it once I get married and have a family. My poor mother did laundry every single day with 4 girls (sorry mom). Anyways, I was rather spoiled growing up because I never once did a load of laundry until I got to college. And needless to say, I had to call my mom everytime I did it. My mom separates the clothes by color....literally every color-red, white, blue, green, pink....etc. So, this is the way I thought I had to do it....negative. After many fights, my roommate of 4 years finally talked me into to doing a load of whites and a load (or 2) of darks. I know the reason my mom did it the way she did was because there was soooo many clothes in our house.

Anyways, I can usually get away with doing laundry once every 2 weeks. I am usually scraping for work clothes by the end but that's how I have done it. Once I started teaching, I started only doing laundry on the weekends. I always like to do it Saturday morning so the "hang-up" clothes are dry by Monday morning. I hate picking up something and it still being wet. I do sheets and towels separately from that schedule as they need to be washed. I ONLY dry tshirts, underwear, socks, and SOME jeans. I am ANAL about this. I don't know why but I always have a fear that my clothes will shrink or mess up in the dryer so I hang up all nice shirts, pants, most jeans, sports bras, running shorts, etc. People may think differently, but thats how I do it. I have a drying rack that I use to dry these clothes on that works great, got it from IKEA (ps-BEST PLACE EVER-if you havent been there, GO!!). I always do my loads back to back just to get it over with. It is not unlikely that you could look in my dryer a week later to find the last load of laundry in there-yes, I said it. I get really busy during the week so sometimes that happens...like last week for example. :) Hey, that could be a great "Not Me Monday" tattle on myself. Anyways, I try not to do that, but-it happens. I do not have an ironing schedule....I usually iron what I need every morning...which I hate. I would love if someone would come iron all my clothes for me because that is my LEAST favorite thing to do. Anyone have any suggestions on tips for not having to iron clothes?

As far as laundry detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener, etc goes...I don't have a particular preference for detergent. I switch around alot, usually depending on what brand I have a coupon for. I am not one of those people who thinks that cheaper laundry detergent doesn't work. My clothes are always clean and I have bought my detergent at the dollar store on more than one occasion. Who can beat detergent for $1? I mean, seriously. I used to use fabric softener (mainly because my old roommate did) but now I just buy dryer sheets. I ALWAYS throw 2 of those babies in when I dry towels and sheets. I'm obsessed with the way sheets and towels feel hot out of the dryer. For regular loans, I just put in one. Again, I don't have a preference, I just buy whatever is on sale or I have a coupon for. They have all worked for me.

Okay, don't know if that was many tips but there ya go, Tips Tuesday! Head over to Leslie Lambert's blog for more (and better) laundry tips!!

ps-today we went on a field trip to Golden Flake and it was a pretty neat field trip. My babies had a complete blast and our tour guide let us eat pretty much every chip in sight....she was awesome!!

ONE MORE THING----I am starting to sell Scentsy...TONIGHT! I am going to sign up here in a couple of minutes so....please leave a comment if you would like any products or want to come to a party!!!! I will post tomorrow the link to my website... :)


  1. When we first got married I was separating our clothes by color & doing 5 small loads...Ryan saw me doing this one day & promised me that it was ok to just do whites & darks, so for the most part that's what I do now.
    I'm Anal about what I do & do not put in the dryer too; people who put everything in the dryer have clothes that are faded, worn looking and don't last very long. I didn't even put my underwear in the dryer for our 1st couple of years of marriage, but I caved and now they do get put in the dryer :)
    I HATE ironing too, lucky for me Ryan has "non-iron" shirts and I rarely ever have to iron anything of mine.

  2. You would love it here. Most families do not use their dryers ever... if they even own one. The family I'm staying with doesn't. Everyone here has old school dry lines in their yards and/or garages. I always use the dryer to get wrinkles out and to soften clothes, so all this ironing and stiff material is killing me