Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tips Tuesday - Clothes

Well hello Tips Tuesday - I have missed you. The past couple of weeks I haven't had much to say. However, I have lots to say about this one, even though I do NOT think I am fashionable whatsoever. This will be more of....where I get the best deals.

I am weird about shopping. I NEVER buy anything unless I absolutely LOVE it. I am not one to waste money on a shirt or pants that will sit in my closet and rot. I only buy something if I look in the mirror and just HAVE to have it. Also, I am not one to drop 100 bucks on anything. That's just ridiculous when you can find good stuff for cheap. Now, I HATE to shop. My mom and sisters can tell you - I am known to have "shopping attacks" in the dressing room when I can't stand trying on one more piece of clothing. I never went shopping in high school. Anna shopped for me, or I just got her old clothes. I think my mom used to bribe me to go shopping because I hated it so much. My old roomies used to buy me cookies if I would go to the mall and go shopping and didn't complain. :) Anyways, my point is, I despise shopping. When I shop, I'm in and out as quickly as possible. Here are some places I shop/tips for shopping for clothes:

1. ROSS - you can't beat this store. I love it. It is sometimes one of those "hit or miss" stores where sometimes you go in and find nothing, or you go in and hit the jackpot. I buy alot of clothes here when I do go shopping. They have very cute/fashionable clothes marked WAYY down from department stores. We don't have one in Tuscaloosa but we do at home and EVERY time I go home, mom and I have to go to Ross. They also have cute purses, home decor, workout gear, shoes, etc.

2. Forever21.com - I am obsessed with Forever 21...but only online. I NEVER find anything in the stores when I go. However, their online collection is a girl's heaven. You should check it out!

3. Victoria'sSecret. com -Yes, I know....they are slightly expensive. However, you can find stuff on sale for a reasonable price. They have ADORABLE "teacher clothes" as I call them. You might call them work clothes... :) Anyways, I also love their swimsuits and cute tops. Look for sales here because they do have them, and when they do...thats when you buy.

4. Target - Ohhhh how I love my target. My little sister is a walking model of target. I think thats all she wears. They have adorable, cute, affordable clothes and such cute shoes as well. Target.com is also a great place to find shoes and clothes that aren't in stores. They have by far the cutest sandals every spring. I always have to check out their spring shoes because I usually buy a pair every spring.

As I said before, I hate to shop so I don't have many tips but this is what I do when I HAVE to shop. :)

Also, this isn't really a tip--more like a "good deed" that has to do with your clothes. Clean out your closet twice a year and donate your clothes to the thrift store or the Salvation Army!! :) You know you don't wear all those clothes in your closet so give them to someone who will wear them! :)

*A little off the subject-Please Please Please pray for me this week (or maybe next week) - I am supposed to have my observation by my principal sometime very soon. She told me to "watch out for her this week" so I have been overly prepared everyday!! I have already had nightmares about it so I just want to get it over with! I hate waiting! I'm not really worried about it, just ready to get it over with!! The only thing I worry about is how my kids will act (which shouldn't be a problem but you'd be surprised how ONE person in the room who is not normally there will throw them off). Anyways, I would greatly appreciate your prayers!!! Thank you!

Happy Tuesday!! Head over to Leslie's blog for more tips on shopping/clothes!

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  1. Great tips, the only thing I would add is if you have kids buy their clothes at big consignment sales...you can get name brand kid's clothing for 75% or more off the original price!
    What are you going to do about shopping for clothes when you have your own kids? You can't have panic attacks on them & they HAVE to have clothes to wear!