Monday, October 4, 2010


I was going to post a meal for Lyndsie's Monday Meals from A Love Worth Waiting For- She is doing "Monday Meals" where you can link up and share a meal every Monday, which is such a fabulous idea...but mom just called and told me some very sad news...

Ryan's (my brother in law) cousin was hit in the head (in his temple) with a baseball today at practice and they took him to the hospital and he started having convulsions so they life-flighted him to Scottish-Rite in Atlanta. Last I heard he was in surgery. Please please pray for him. He has grown up in my home church and I have known him, his parents, and his 2 precious sisters my entire life. He is only a freshman in high school. Prayer is so powerful and so I'm BEGGING you to pray for him and his sweet family. His parents (Ryan's Aunt and Uncle) are the ones who set Ryan and Christen (my sister) up on their first blind date. I am asking you to pray for him and his family and his doctors. I know God can heal him! Please stop right now and say a quick prayer for him. My sister and brother in law are on their way from Birmingham to Atlanta so hopefully I will know more soon. My dad also went up to the hospital so I will update as I know more.

Here is a picture of him so you can put his face with his name.

Thank you.

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