Sunday, October 17, 2010


Well, the weekend is over - sigh. But I am ready for another week! 5 more weeks til Thanksgiving Break! :) I'm a countdown kinda girl, so I always have to have a countdown to something! I am also constantly counting down to graduation for Ty. Poor thing has had such a rough semester. I think they're trying to make him drop out during his last semester...haha. He only has 7 more weeks before he is done! He has worked so hard, I am so proud of him!!!

Back to the weekend....It was great! Friday night Ty and I went to dinner and had a nice little date night! :)  Saturday BAMA had a late (8:10) game so I slept in and Casey and I headed to the quad around 2:30. It was homecoming so we walked around and looked at all the lawn decorations at the sorority houses. I always like picking my favorite and wondering why that house didn't win! ha! We also walked around the vendors and got some Christmas presents (yes, I know, its only October). I am obsessed with the gift I got my dad, I cannot wait to give it to him! He is going to flip out!!!! We watched the game at the tailgate with my aunt. We had 3 chairs for our footrests, were cuddled up in blankets, had a huge candy bowl in the middle of us, and were drinking hot chocolate and apple cider! It was perfect!! The game was a little boring but We won - YAY! I don't know what I would have done if I went to the game because when we sang rammer jammer, who would we have sang it to??? the rebels? the black bears??? Anyone else heard of this insane change of mascots with Ole Miss?? Are they the rebels or black bears? So confusing. They are just as confused as our across the state rivals, Auburn. Eagles? Tigers? Who knows! On ESPN - they were still the Rebels so I guess the black bears thing hasn't kicked in yet? Very Interesting.

Today I had a VERY productive day!!! I slept in, went to buy Ty some groceries (yes, I just said that), graded papers, cleaned my bathroom, did laundry, and went to get dinner for Ty and I! I accomplished alot today! Only thing I missed was running...OOPS! I'll save that for tomorrow. :) (by the way, I am up to 34 minutes, just a little over 3 miles!!!!!!!!)

I hope everyone has a great week! Tomorrow I am posting a YUMMY dessert to link up for Monday's Meals with A Love Worth Waiting For so STAY TUNED!!! Its a yummy one that I promise you'll want to try! :)

"God's never taken His eye off of you. Not for a millisecond. He's always near. He lives to hear your heartbeat. He loves to hear your prayers." - Max Lucado

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  1. Excuse me, we have a chant/cheer "War Eagle" & 1 mascot, a Tiger...and I believe Alabama is the same way they have a cheer "Roll Tide" & a mascot, an elephant, so you guys are just as odd as we are!
    Glad you had a fun weekend, hope you have a great week!