Tuesday, June 15, 2010

update and giveaway!

hi friends, i'm back from my amazing vacation at the beach. no pictures yet but we had a blast! stayed on the beach so long that we practically got kicked off every night. you can drive on the beach in daytona (which we did) and you have to have your car off by 7 every night so the beach police would come sit by our car around 630 and make sure we left by 7....so we joked that we got kicked off the beach every night! we went to bubba gumps twice---their crab legs are to die for. :) :) mmm i can taste them now. anyways, pictures to come soon....

i had an interview yesterday and an amazing school in birmingham. i am super excited and think it went great. now i have to wait wait wait til friday to find out if i got it. i am really trying to trust God and know that he will put me wherever He wants me.

on to the giveaway....head over to http://lyndsieraegivesaway.blogspot.com/ to check out her monogramming giveaway! she also has some other giveaways that you can enter as well! my sister won some baby clothes from her last week!! Her monogramming giveaway is from Madison Monogramming and they have REALLLY cute things so head over to her blog and check it out!!!! Here is the link directly to that post! Enjoy!

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