Friday, June 25, 2010

nothing like...

an impromptu interview!!!

A school called me this morning at 8am and wanted me to come for an interview at 11am! Crazy I know. It went really well, they were very nice. It is at a Tuscaloosa City School in 4th or 5th grade so would definitly be an adventure if I get it! I have been really down this week about the job search and some other financial issues that are going on right now because of a darn stubborn tooth in my mouth that is costing me loads of money. :( I feel better today. I really do KNOW God has a plan, some days and weeks are just harder than others. Please continue to pray for me in this journey, it is not an easy one.

In my Teacher Devotional last night, I got a slap in the face from God. You know when you're doubting Him, then He just puts something right in front of you that's like Him saying, "HELLO....WHY ARE YOU NOT TRUSTING ME?????" - Well, that was God talking to me last night. Here was part of my devotion:

"If your faith is being tested, know that your Savior is near. If you reach out to Him in faith, He will give you peace, perspective, and hope. If you are content to touch even the smallest fragment of the Master's garment, He will make you whole."

I just thought that was just what I needed! God is here with me guiding me through this process. He has a plan and I just need to sit back and watch His plan unfold. He is going to take care of me!

I'll leave yall with that. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


  1. That's great about the interview!
    Love the new header!

  2. Awesome news about the interview! I hope it comes through!!