Friday, June 18, 2010


Well, last week we went to Daytona with Ty's family. My parents also got to come down for a few days which was great! Daytona is really neat because you can drive on the beach! I went a couple of years ago with my girlfriends but we stayed on a part of the beach where you couldn't drive so it was a new experience for me! Daytona is a great city....not only can you drive right on the beach, they have a boardwalk, lots of "beachy" shops, GREAT restaurants, and amazing italian ice! We ventured to the famous Bubba Gumps not once, but twice during the week. Ty's family is quite obsesses with that movie and no waitress could stump their knowledge of the movie. It is also home of one of the few Salty Dog stores so I of course had to get one of those. Ty's dad bought me my first last year when he went to Daytona so now I have 2! We also found an amazing italian ice place called "Ritas" and ventured to it about 5 times throughout the week. The owner pretty much knew our name! The month of May was so very stressful for me so it was SOOO nice to just be able to sit on the beach with nothing to worry about! Since you can drive on the beach in Daytona, we just loaded up the truck with chairs, coolers, the tent, towels, etc and drove it right on the beach lugging 10 chairs down to the beach everyday! Then every night we just packed it all back up and drove it back and left everything in the truck. I enjoyed not having to carry stuff! :) Here are a few pictures from our trip:

I got crab legs the first time at bubba gumps and they were TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!! :)

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  1. Great pictures! Bubba Gumps sounds delicious!