Sunday, September 13, 2009


so this weekend was the 1st weekend i was in tuscaloosa since graduation! crazy! every weekend we either went to birmingham, the lake, we were out of town, or i was home. it felt good to actually not have to travel, even though i did have an amazing summer going all these places, its nice to stay home once in awhile. saturday was also the first bama football game at home! friday night i babysat my precious kids that i have been babysitting for about 2 years. the little girl just started kindergarten so she told me all about her teacher and her new firends. the twins are now almost 2 and are sooo cute! they weren't too sure of me though, they kept checkin me out wondering if i was fit to care for them. lol. anyways, saturday brought tailgating, friends, family, good food, and FOOTBALL! my favorite! there is something about being on the quad on gameday, there is nothing like it. it makes my heart smile. me and lauren were weirded out the whole day because we aren't students anymore. it felt like we were visiting or something. it was so weird! maybe it will get better as the season goes on and we'll get used to being alumni and sitting in the regular section instead of the student section! me and lauren decided that we were only going to pay around 20 bucks for tickets and if we didn't get them then we would just watch it at a bar or something. so around 20 minutes before gametime we started to walk around trying to find someone to negotiate with. a bunch of people kept saying 40 each, then we found 35, then 30, and then lauren worked her magic and found us some for $25! AND they were GREAT SEATS! lower level, about 45 yard line! we had fun at the game....bama pulled out the win against FIU 40-14! :) nothing like a home game at good ole' bryant-denny. and just so you know, molly...WE MISSED YOU! before the game lauren wanted a new bama shirt so we walked around and i ended up buying my niece, aubrey a new bama outfit :). Christen, don't worry, you will love it and she will look so freakin cute in it! way better than any auburn outfit! all in all, great day for some bama football. today me and ty layed around for some much needed relaxation! somehow i know tomorrow i'll already be tired....never matter how much i get caught up on sleep on the weekend, monday i am already exhausted! wish i had pictures from this weekend, but i dont. :( maybe next week!

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  1. No pictures of Aubrey's new outfit?? When will she be receiving her gift...any plans to come to B'ham soon?
    By the way, it's "Lauren and I", "Ty and I", etc. it's never "me and ..." :)