Friday, September 18, 2009

short and sweet

what a day, we spent pretty much all 7 1/2 hours of our school day working on reading and math tests...with some fun reading centers squeezed in somewhere. poor kids. they didn't have a clue on their math test. im probably going to have to go back and reteach it. but when? our crazy schedules dont give us an extra week to go back and teach things they didn't understand! ugh! Lord, help me...

ty and i are going on a date tonight!! yay!! we never eat out because ty doesnt like to eat out so we usually cook...which is okay with me. but sometimes a girl likes to be taken out on a date! so, here we go.....YAY!

happy friday and roll tide! nothin like seein the RVs roll in on friday afternoons during football it!

1 comment:

  1. Hope y'all have a great date night! You better rest some tomorrow, so you'll have enough energy Sunday to babysit my crazy kids!