Thursday, September 17, 2009

"i didn't do it"

i hate those words! usually when a kid says that, they did do it. i wonder if i ever said that as a child? probably. sorry mom. today i caught a kid tearing up a note i wrote to his mother and he cried all the way down the hallway "I DIDN'T DO IT!!!!", seriously? someone else went into YOUR backpack, took out YOUR folder, took YOUR note, and tore it in half, crunched it into a ball and put it back in YOUR backpack? honestly. am i stupid? clearly he thinks i am.

#1 pet peeve as a teacher - tattling, can't stand it.
#2 pet peeve as a teacher - saying "i didn't do it", we all know you did, especially if you are saying you didn't.

on a different note, after dealing with the above situation, overseeing detention (with a crazy kindergartener...seriously...a kindergartener in detention?), planning, getting ready for next week and not leaving school til 5, i went to brunos to get chicken and they didn't have any!!! i mean seriously, what kind of grocery store doesnt freaking have chicken!??????? so i had to drive ALL the way across town to publix...on campus (ugh, traffic!) and get chicken. what a pain in the butt. brunos, you have seriously disappointed me. like i say to my kids when they have done something wrong, "how sad."

okay, enough venting. im going to make dinner for ty. :)

yayyy tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! my most favoritest (yes, thats a word) day of the week!

how much longer til Christmas break? ;)


  1. Didnt you learn about child development? The "i didnt do it" is pretty developmentally appropriate at that age because they don't understand that we can see right through it. And tell those kids that you wont listen to them if they tattle...i cant stand that either!!!!

  2. I don't recall you telling mom "i didn't do it", I just remember you blaming stuff on Peaches...that's almost worse than saying I didn't do it! At least your student didn't say his dog ripped up the note ;)