Monday, September 21, 2009

ohh rainy monday...

i hate mondays, and i hate was a rainy monday. not a good combination. i didn't get out of bed until after 6 because i really just couldnt! i wanted to lay there all day and watch movies and snug in my bed! too bad i am now a big girl and i had to go to work. i thought my kids were going to be CRAZY today because rain seriously makes them go insane...however, much to my delight, they were fine! i had 2 out so that might have had something to do with it. anyways, they were pretty sweet today, which i always love! i think i swam to school today....however, i cant complain considering my hometown is pretty much under water! poor cobb county!! praying for them! thankfully i think my house is okay, just some water in the basement. my little sister doesn't have school tomorrow because so many roads are closed and so many houses are flooded! crazy! i hope the rain ends soon. yes, its nice for a day at home full of watching movies in bed...however, not when you have a job and have to go to work! boo! we had our first day of art today and we have to go outside to get to the building. i think we walked through ankle deep water trying to get there. of course my kids couldnt just walk through the puddle, they HAD to jump in it. of course. i didnt even try to yell at them, whatever. they are kids. they're gonna do it whether i tell them not to or not! so i let them jump. yes, im a horrible teacher. lol. anyways, after art we had a little adventure. we were trying to get back inside and slithering right by the door was a baby snake! one of my little babies noticed it and screamed, "ahhh, snake!!!!!!!" then i freaked out and said ahhhh lets go this way....well this didn't work because every single one had to get up to the front to see the snake. gahhh...rain, puddles, then a snake! what next? after that they were wound up! then i heard alot of "ms. alfano, ms. alfano - that was the 1st real live snake i have ever seen!!" lol, did they know that gross thing could have bitten them? even thought it was cute (i have to admit)...snake = snake bite = poison = death. okay, maybe a little overdramatic but i am in charge of 16 little ones, i have to be paranoid!

after i got home from school i sat on the phone with my insurance company for forever...wanting to know why they wont cover my medicine. and do you think i could actually talk to a live person? no, of course not. i pressed every button imaginable and couldnt ever get that stupid robot voice to stop talking! all i wanted to do was talk to a person, not a computer robot. is that to much to ask? finally, i hung up on that stupid thing.

then i was on the phone with my bank...checks ordered a month ago and i still havent gotten them. they have been re-ordered like 3 times. do they know i got bills to pay?? UGH!

i then laid in my bed and watched house hunters instead of going to work out. i seriously need some help getting myself motivated. i just cant seem to get myself to the gym after school each day. i WANT to, i really really do. i love working out. but after teaching all day? its the last thing i wanna do. anyone have any tips to help me get motivated??? i need help!

yesterday i got to babysit my niece and nephew while my sister and her husband cleaned up their new house. i hope i was of some help! me and ty did the best we could. all i did was snug with aubrey and ty played with luke. aubrey LOVES to snug, and so does aunt kat! :) so thats what we did all day. and i LOVED IT!!!!! i was a happy aunt yesterday! luke is getting so favorite thing that he says now is "roll tide!" ---it sounds something like now granted, he does say war eagle! what a confused little boy he's gonna be! i havent uploaded my pictures from yesterday but here are some i took on my phone..

i have a video of luke but i cant figure out how to post it! anyone wanna help?


  1. ok first of all letting them jump in the puddle makes you a great teacher! you recognize that they are kids, and you let them just be. i'm very proud of you :) i still jump in puddles ha & second of all, NOT all snakes are poisonous goofball! have you told your kids how much you love roaches?!? i'm sure they would get a kick out of some of those stories from the past couple years! i miss you & love you to the moon & back... so proud of my little teacher! :)

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  3. Im glad you let the kids jump in puddles, every kid needs to do it! And its even THOUGH, no T at the end (thats a different word). Also its just dramatic, not OVERdramatic :) Great post though, upload those facebook pics of my neice and nephew HURRY!!!!

  4. I'm glad I never saw a snake with my class, I probably would have screamed and ran away :)
    Thanks for helping watch the kids so we could get some things unpacked, it was a big help!