Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st game as an alum...

Saturday Dad and I went to the BAMA/VT game in Atlanta and we had soooo much fun! It was a pretty intense game, but ended wonderfully. :) When we were walking to the game I realized it was my 1st game as an, crazy! I sometimes still don't feel like I am done with college. I am done with college!? Weird. Probably me still living here has something to do with it....even though I RARELY go on campus. I feel like I live in a little bubble....home, school, home, school....and the occasional trip to wal-mart! Anyways, back to the game....thanks to the Hoover's, me and dad sat on the 45 yard line in the "club" level and in padded seats! We felt like royalty to say the least. I am so gald dad got to go with me....he's the reason I'm a BAMA fan! Everyone else in my family is an Auburn fan so we always get to bond over bama football games. :) Anyways, this year will be interesting because I don't have tickets to the games for the first time in 4 years....I think I'm just going to buy them before the game each week. Maybe try to find some earlier to the bigger games. Well, here are some pictures from our fabulous weekend.

This week is going by so fast! Monday was a wonderful day off....minus my car breaking down...but no fear, dad has revived it YET AGAIN! lol, the thing will never die. ever. Anyways, yesterday I had a meeting all day and it went by pretty fast...and today is already Wednesday, wow! Only 2 more days til the weekend. Three day work week is what I'm talkin about..... =)

One of my sweet babies moved yesterday and I didn't even get to tell him bye because I had a sub yesterday :( how sad. He was so sweet and sooo smart! I got a little taste this morning of how much I really care for my babies....

Here are some update pictures of my classroom!!!!

We have added postcards from "Miss Molly" to our board! We also found a big map of the world and drew a line from Tuscaloosa to Dusseldorf! My kids love when we get postcards from her :)

My Reading Corner :)

My new rocking chair from Heather (Ty's cousin)....I love it!!!!


  1. YEY! I'm going into town tomorrow with the kiddies and I'm going to try and find more postcards!!! It's hard to believe were are really alumni....Oh Lord I feel old. Love you & Miss you

  2. So glad y'all had a great time at the game!
    I love the rocking chair, it's so cute and very "1st grade" :)