Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Well, I don't think you have to wonder what my favorite moment of 2014 was....

The moment I had waited for....the moment I became his wife. On the day we got married, we had known each other for 25+ years, had "re-met" 7 years earlier, and had been together for 6 years. I knew he was the one after about the 1st week. I know people say that all the time and it's a little cheesy but it's true. I had dated a lot of duds before him and had my heart broken several times. He was different, I knew it from day 1. I waited a long time for the day I became his wife to come, but it was so worth the wait. I have so enjoyed being his wife these past 5 months. Has it been hard? Yes. I'm not going to sugarcoat it. I lived by myself for a long time and he moved in with me. It was hard. There was a day or 2 (or 3) that I went and cried in my bed because he moved something of mine, or did something different than how I did it, or picked a fight with me about how I loaded the dishwasher. Having a boy invade my life was not easy, but we've finally adjusted and have our own little routine going now.

I loved the memories we made over our first Christmas together, even if it was in our little 2x4 apartment. We will look back one day with good memories of our first Christmas in this little space we call home. And how he took my Christmas present to his car to wrap it because there was nowhere else to go. 

The best week of 2014 was obviously our honeymoon to the keys! And yes, I still have to finish the honeymoon posts, and I will, promise! 

That week was unbelievable. The prettiest scenery, my favorite person, relaxation, what more could I ask for? When we got there Ty told me we could do whatever we wanted and not to worry about money (if you know Ty, that is HUGE), so we lived it up. We had so much fun and I'm already begging him to go back! 

So much more happened this year. I am honestly sad to see 2014 go! Here are some of my favorite memories (in no order)...

1. I was in my little sister's wedding, my friend Allison's wedding, and my cousin Karlie's wedding. 

2.My college roommate, Lauren, had a baby 

3. I was reunited with Molly and Charlie Grace 

4. My friends threw me the best & most relaxing bachelorette party ever. 

5. We spent a week in Pensacola with Ty's family.

6. I enjoyed every second of being these kids' aunt..

Oh yes, and Emma had a great year too. She loves duck hunting, chewing on deer antlers, playing fetch, snuggling, the lake, thinking she's a lap dog, getting as close to you as possible, and taking up the whole bed at night. 

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