Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wedding Bells

A few weeks ago, my cousin Karlie got married! She wore our Nana's dress from 1949 for the ceremony and she looked stunning. I know my nana was smiling down from heaven that day. Karlie's mom also wore the dress 30 years ago when she married Karlie's dad. What a special dress!!! 

Isn't she gorgeous?

We had so much fun getting ready for the wedding with Karlie and dancing the night away at her reception! 

Cousin bridesmaids!

Waiting for the ceremony!

Me and my cute hubby at the reception! 

Karlie changed dresses for the reception and she looked stunning in that dress too! 

Sisters at the reception!

My sweet family!!

A little background - Karlie lives in my same apartment complex and she had a few things for her honeymoon delivered that didn't arrive until Saturday. Well, Ty grabbed the packages for her but we didn't get to give them to her before they left the reception - so what did I do? Busted up in her apartment after for a pj dance party with the bride and groom. Ha! 

I am so happy for Karlie and John Allen and wish them a lifetime of happiness! And lots of babies!!!

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