Sunday, December 14, 2014

Alabama/Auburn Game

A recap of the iron bowl that was a few weeks ago? 

Why not?

I brought an auburn fan, a dawg fan, and a dawg fan dressed like an auburn fan (can you say confused?) to Tuscaloosa for the iron bowl! 

Our family has been a house divided since day one. Mom went to Auburn and dad grew up an Alabama fan so naturally we all had to choose a side. I was the only one to choose Bama while my other 3 sisters chose Auburn. Jeri & Anna both went to UGA but still also root for Auburn...until it's the UGA/Auburn game - then Anna is Auburn and Jeri is Georgia. Ha! And Christen's husband Ryan is diehard Kentucky. We represent the SEC well.

Anyways, back to the iron bowl.

Babies with their Papa! We have officially turned Luke into an Alabama fan. Aubrey told her mom she wanted to wear red for the iron bowl but Christen put her foot down and dressed her in Auburn. Aubrey has also been known to run around the house in a Kentucky uniform yelling "Go Gators!" What a confused child.

We had fun at the tailgate and walking around Tuscaloosa! I showed Jeff and Jeri all around and we checked out the new Alpha Chi house! Jeri was an AXO at Georgia so we enjoyed walking through the new "mansion". It's beautiful!

The kids loved strolling through town!

Notice Levi in an Auburn jersey with an Alabama shaker, poor kids. 

Tailgate fun! 

This is me and my beautiful cousin, Karlie! She just got married last night and she was a stunning bride! More on that later.  

Love my sweet Levi!!!!

I had a horrible headache in the late afternoon and took some BC powder and ended up falling asleep at the tailgate for a little bit (how embarrassing). When I woke up I somehow scored a FREE ticket to the game!!!! I was just saying how it was so sad that this would be the first football season in 9 years that I didn't attend a glad I ended up getting to go!!!! I was so thankful to the sweet couple who gave me the ticket. I didn't know who they were before I got the ticket, but I didn't care! :) They were so sweet and we had a blast together at the game! 

The game was full of emotions and we went back and forth through most of the game but we pulled through and won!! It was such a fun game even though I didn't even know the people I went with. ;) 

We officially have bragging rights for the next year. 

Roll Tide! 

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