Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

I know I'm a day late but I still wanted to stop by and wish everyone a happy new year! I love the fresh start a new year brings. After eating all that junk and usually not being active for a few weeks, I love the thought of starting fresh in January! I've been sick and haven't been able to run or work out for a week so I'm ready to shake this cough and get back on it! I've got 7 miles to run this weekend at some point (That is, if the sun ever decides to show up in Birmingham again - it's been raining for weeks, seriously!). My half marathon is in February and training is the perfect way to kickstart some awesome goals! 

Our friends Chase & Rachel invited us over on New Years Eve so we ate dinner with them and then hung out with Ty's family the rest of the night! They put on a pretty good fireworks show too! 

New Years always brings back good memories because 7 years ago, I got my last first kiss! Ty waited awhile to kiss me for the first time and it was extra special because he did it at midnight so there were fireworks...literally. :)

Here we were 7 years ago!!!
Hello, babies!!!

New Year's Day there was a lot of this going on:

And then, as you all know, my team lost in a pretty big heartbreak game last night! We played horrible for 2 straight quarters though so we deserved it. That doesn't make it any easier though! Especially when so much was riding on one game. Oh well, time to get ready for next year! 

Staying true to the New Years theme, why don't we set some goals for 2015??

1. Go to bed between 9-9:30. I have struggled with this ever since I started teaching 6 years ago, but it's been bad since I got married. I'm a night owl so I like staying up late but I'm always tired the next day! I did ok when I lived by myself but when we got married, I started going to bed later and later! I guess I felt like we weren't spending a lot of time together by the time I got off work, went to the gym, and cooked dinner. But, for my sanity and health, I've got to be showered and in the bed by 9:30!!! I am really going to try to stick with this goal!

2. Run a half marathon in February. Being sick the past week and a half hasn't helped my training but I'm ok. I need to do 7 miles this weekend and I'll be back!

3. Go to the gym (or do something active) 3-4 times a week. This is always a goal I try to stick to every year! 

4.  Stick to my budget. Ty and I have officially merged our bank accounts so I've got to get my crap together and stick to our budget! The better I do, the quicker we get a house, right?? :)

5. Read several books this summer. I don't read during the school year - ain't nobody got time for that. So this will be a summer goal! I still have a list of books from last summer I never got to so I am looking forward to this!

I think 5 good goals is enough, right? No need to make too many and then not follow through. :)

Who else made some good goals for 2015?

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