Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sleepover at Aunt Kat's!

Friday night Christen (my sister) asked me & mom to watch a few of the kids (divide and conquer) while her and Ryan went on a date and to go Christmas shopping! I was so exhausted and as of 3:15, officially on Thankguving break, but I can never pass up time with my nieces & nephews! Also, Unlce Ty was on a hunting trip so I was alone at home anyways...So I headed to pick up Aubrey & Levi and we had big plans of a pj party! 

First we decided to eat dinner and wait for traffic to die down (I picked them up right at 5:00 in the middle of rush hour). 

We went to one of our favorite restaurants, Urban Cookhouse! We mainly love this place because of one reason:

The half-baked cookie. 


We devoured it in about 30 seconds. Heavenly. Oh so heavenly.

After dinner, we listened to Christmas music in the car on the way home and then quickly changed into our pjs for our pj party! 

We watched several Christmas movies and drank hot chocolate! 

Around 9 or so, Christen & I decided to let them stay since they were late leaving the outlet malls and the kids got so excited! 

They've never spent the night with me, so this was a first! 

It took them awhile to settle down in the bed but I turned on some cartoons and they finally fell asleep. 

Of course they slept pretty much on top of me all night instead of spreading out in our king size bed but I actually got some good sleep!

Around 5am, Levi woke up but I quickly told him we do not wake up that early at Aunt Kat's. ;) Thankfully, he laid back down and we both went back to sleep. 

We got out of bed around 8 and I made chocolate chip pancakes! 

They were a big hit! Aunt Kat for the win.

We watched cartoons for awhile and then met up with Christen around lunchtime. 

I had such a good time with them & I hope they had fun too! I am so thankful to be making memories with them & I adore being their aunt! 

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