Saturday, November 1, 2014


Sheesh I was doing so good and now it's November and I'm realizing I haven't posted in several weeks!

I can't believe how fast October came and went. And for some reason we have skipped fall and it feels like winter outside! I know the cold won't stick around til December but man it's freezing down here in Alabama! 

My first grade team dressed up as Dr. Seuss' One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish on Friday. Homemade costumes are what happens when none of us have money in our bank accounts, ha! Poor teacher probs.

Now that Halloween is over, I am ready for red cups at Starbucks, Christmas movies on the hallmark channel, Christmas music, and anything and everything holiday-ish (yes that's totally a word). If Ty would let me put up our Christmas tree today, I would. I'm all about enjoying November and Thanksgiving but to me, Thanksgiving and Christmas run together and flood me with memories of family, fires, hot chocolates, movies, good food, etc. So why not go ahead and start celebrating it all now? :) Birmingham has a Christmas craft show next weekend and it always puts me in the Christmas spirit! I can't wait! 

We recently got our Keurig out of my Granddaddy's attic (most of our wedding presents are in his attic because we have no room in our apt) and I have become obssessed. Coffee and apple cider and tea, oh my! 

I really don't know how I lived so long without it. It's so fabulous! Ty and I sat outside talking on Wednesday after I got home and I sipped on hot apple cider the whole time. I was covered in a blanket and rocking in my rocking chair. It was heavenly! 

This past week was crazy. Last weekend was my cousins bachelorette trip at the lake (so relaxing!), then my week followed with drug free week dress up days, county walk throughs in my classroom, a pumpkin patch field trip, and then book character dress up day. Whew. A sure way to make for a crazy week in first grade!!! I know the holidays are crazy for everyone but I'm hoping for some down time in my near future!!

Picture overload....

I loved celebrating this sweet bride!!!


Carnival last weekend with the nieces and nephews! 


Pumpkin patchin'


Apple Orchard today! 

And since Alabama didn't play today....I painted my nails :) 


And just because she's cute...

Ok, so maybe I take too many pictures of my dog. ;)

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