Monday, November 17, 2014

Honeymoon, Part 3!

I never finished recapping our honeymoon and I'm scared I'm going to forget all the details so I have got to finish! 

Thursday morning we woke up BRIGHT & EARLY to go snuba diving! All the other days we were slow to get up so even though we were excited, it was rough getting up early! 
This was our sunrise breakfast view Thursday morning! Oh how I want to go back!!! 

We got on the boat & took about a 30 minute boat ride out to a reef and then I basically felt like they just threw us in & said good luck! Ok ok, maybe that's not what happened but this chick had several freak out moments trying to get down to the reef. My googles kept filling up with water and I was totally drowning. Dramatic? Maybe, but that's what I felt like! And my oh so sweet husband clearly wasn't waiting for me to get myself together because 2 minutes into it, he was gone!!! Luckily my fabulous snuba instructor stayed with me through several freak out moments (YOU DONT EVEN HAVE A LIFE JACKET ON!!!) and she ended up switching goggles with me and hers stayed on my head way better so I finally made it down with the rest of the group! 

In class last week we talked all about what's under the sea and it was so fun getting to tell my kids about my snuba diving experience (once I got down there!). We saw so many beautiful fish, lots of lobsters & crabs, and a ton of awesome sea life. Luckily we didn't see any sharks because I may have lost myself again & flipped out. Ha! We ended up snuba diving at two different reefs and both were just gorgeous! 

I'm not sure if it's something I'll do again (I had nightmares) but it was such a cool experience! It is a very weird feeling knowing you are under water breathing. I literally couldn't sleep that night thinking about it! 

Here we were after snuba diving both reefs! Ty was on cloud nine, he loved it!!!! 

That night we went to a really fun restaraunt where you walk up to a window & order and you give them a famous person's name. Then they make your food & call your name (the famous person) and you get to eat your food at picnic tables with this view:

It was quite hilarious hearing things like "Brittney Spears your order is ready!" Haha!

Next up: Key West, a sea plane ride, and snorkeling at Dry Tortugas! 

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