Sunday, November 16, 2014

Babies babies everywhere

I have always loved babies, from the time I was old enough to babysit. I loved holding my younger cousins or babysitting family friends. I am the proud Aunt of 6 little ones & love them all more than I ever thought was possible! I am at the age where my friends are starting to get pregnant and have babies and there's just something different when your friends are the ones with babies. I often think to myself "are we really old enough to have babies?". Even though I don't think we should be old enough to have babies, the thought of adding a new little one to our bond of friendship is so exciting. I am LOVING this stage of watching my friends become mamas. 

I guess my first close friend to have kids was my friend Lauren. She is such a sweet mama. She totally rocks it and it was totally her calling in life! I have loved watching her with her babies.

Here is her youngest, sweet Ellis Kate. Isn't she beautiful? 

Here we are at my wedding. Lauren res scripture at my wedding & it was so special to have her a part of our day! And how handsome is her son Carter? He is so sweet!!

Last August, my friend since middle school, Molly, had a little girl. They live in Boston and it has been SO hard being so far away. Molly is really good about FaceTiming me and sending me pictures of Charlie Grace but it's not the same as being able to jump in the car and go see them. It is so hard living so far away! Charlie Grace was a flower girl in my wedding & she rocked it. 
Charlie Grace and I at my bridesmaids luncheon! Isn't she just a doll? I am so in love! 

This was the precious dress I got her for her 1st birthday! She knows how to rock that houndstooth! 

Here is me and Molly at my wedding. What a special lifelong friendship we have!!
Almost 2 weeks ago, my college roommate Lauren had a little boy and I got to go visit them over Veterans Day! 
Meet Baby Wesley. 

He is SO sweet. I think I only heard him cry once the whole time I was there. He's got a head full of strawberry hair just like his mama. He is so teeny (I forget how tiny they are when they are first born)! I got to love on him for a good 24 hours and I am totally smitten! 

Lauren is already such a good mama! 

Oh I could just eat him up!!! I am so happy for Lauren and her husband Casey! Wesley is just absolutely perfect! 

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