Monday, August 26, 2013

The infamous first Friday

We had quite the adventure last Friday! It was our first Friday together as big first graders and the morning was trucking along. We were sharing our homework and some of our boys started pointing at the window saying "snake"! Allison and I thought they were being dramatic and kept telling them to stop and listen to the child reading her homework. Just to be safe, I peeked my eyes through the blinds and there it was slithering down our window (on the outside)! 


I tried to keep my composure but knew it was HUGE because its big body was in my face when I peeked out the blinds. I told Allison it indeed was a snake and I buzzed the office an told them to tell our  maintenance guy to come to our room ASAP! Yes, I said ASAP. 

By this time 39 1st graders had lost all control and it took over 30 minutes and a trip to PE and back to compose ourselves again. That didn't stop them from talking about it all day and telling everyone in sight all day, including all of their bus drivers. 

Funny thing is, Allison was telling kids that it went to the zoo and I was telling kids that we chopped his head off (which we {or should i say our maintenance guy} did!). Now you know who the sensitive teacher is and the blunt teacher is. Hilarious. Especially if you know Allison and I personally!

Here's the big guy again...

Scared us to death! He was HUGE!

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