Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Charlie Grace

My best friend from Boston, Molly, had a sweet baby girl last week! It is absolutely killing me that I can't get my hands on her until September. Molly has been doing good sending me pictures of her though. She is just so precious! She has the cutest cheeks that make me want to jump through the iPhone screen and squeeze them! 

I haven't seen Molly since her wedding a year and a half ago and it has been so hard. If only money grew on trees & we could fly to see each other regularly! Wouldn't that be nice? Ever since sweet Charlie was born, it has been even harder!!! I so wish I was there during this special time in her family's life but I will get to see them all soon. I can't wait to rock that sweet baby and kiss those big cheeks! 

I'm coming for you some kisses for "Aunt Kat"!!! 

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