Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding, Round 2

On Saturday, my best friend and roommate of 4 years in college is getting married!!! I am so excited and thrilled for her and I cannot wait to stand by her on her special day! Molly, my other best friend got married in January, & now its Lauren's turn! There is something about weddings that I just LOVE. I love the smiles, the tears, the family, the friends, the decorations, and the love. What can I say, I am a hopeless romantic.

Words cannot express how much Lauren means to me so I will not try. She knows exactly how much she means to me and how excited I am for her. My heart overflows with joy for her & Casey. I have a feeling tears are going to be flowing when she walks down the aisle to her soul mate. And he is one fantastic guy. I may or may not have hounded him with 20 questions when I first met him...I am slightly protective of Lauren!! He is so funny, so sweet, and so in love with Lauren. They are so great together and I cannot wait to see what the Lord holds for their life together!

You know how much I love you and adore our friendship. I cannot begin to tell you how happy my heart is for you. You deserve nothing but the best in life and I am so glad you waited on God's perfect timing to bring you Casey. Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day, it is going to be perfect!!!!

Goin to the chapel, and we're gonna get MARRIED.......

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