Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my wednesday...

I woke up about 5am to the sound of thunder & hail as well as my room being lit up by lightning. I kept trying to remember if there was a large tree outside my window because I was so scared! I never really went back to sleep before my alarm went off and I immediately checked our school's website to see if we were going to school. I was about to get up about 6:20 when I got the text that we didn't have school. I was a little confused because the worst seemed to be over. I called my one of my co-workers who informed me that there was another line of storms coming and alot of people were without power so that was probably the reason we weren't going in. Of course, I was happy to get an unexpected day off - however, we have to make this day up at the end which I am NOT thrilled about. Is it bad to tell my kids not to come that day?? ;)

Anyways, there has been alot of damage from the storms this morning all across the state of Alabama so I am very thankful I am ok and there was no damage to our apt complex! The pictures they were showing on the news were insane. I have a feeling that the storms coming are worse than the one this morning so say a prayer for my state!!!

My friend Lauren (who is also a teacher) lost power this morning so she came over about 8:30 because neither of us could go back to sleep (which also makes me mad!! I didn't even get to sleep in!). She brought me chick-fil-a and we laid in bed all morning watching the news, and watching our all time favorite...

The rest of my day has looked lie this:

my bed & friends on tv - what a lovely day.

lunch at Newks :)

Checking James Spann's FB page for updates - and if you were wondering, we are right in the BULLSEYE of the tornadoes! How lovely.
Be safe Alabama!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the question i've been dreading....

Student: I'm not coming to this school next year!! (in a very bad mood voice - she had just spent the day in ISS)

Me: Where ya gonna go?

Student: I dont know. Are you gonna be here next year Ms. Alfano?

Me: I'm moving to Birmingham. You know I go up there alot.

Student: Oh no, then I'm DEFINITELY not coming to school here next year.

(my heart melts)

Me: I won't be your teacher next year anyways.

Student: I know, but I would come visit you all the time.

(my heart melts again)

I have been dreading my students asking me this question. A few asked a couple of weeks ago and I avoided the question, pretending I didn't hear them. I will probably be answering lots of questions tomorrow considering news goes around those children faster than anything I've ever seen.

I have come so far with most of my students (especially in my homeroom) and I must admit that I have been getting sad to leave them. Its so odd to think I won't ever see them again. And I desperately need to know that they are going to be okay.

Last year, I didn't know I was leaving until 2 days before school got out and it was such a whirlwind after that, I never really had these feelings. I thought it was weird that I was getting a new class, but I was such a wreck those last 2 days, it never really sunk in that I would never see them again.

This year is also different because I worry about them more. Most come from rough backgrounds and I worry about them. Worry what they see, do, hear, experience, etc.

This time every year, EVERY teacher is so ready for summer, as am I. I have had a countdown for some time now. However, knowing I'm leaving this year, I've had a weird feeling lately. I want it to be summer and I am so ready for this next phase in my life, yet I have started to get sad about leaving. I love the people I work with and I have grown to love these children. They test me EVERY SINGLE SECOND of every single day, but its worth it when a child who you never thought would open up to you, tells you they love you all the time.

I know I will move on and worry about them less as the next phase in my life starts, but for now, I'm enjoying my last days with these children who have taught me more about life & teaching than I could have EVER imagined. This was by far the hardest year of my life, but somehow has had the best rewards in the end.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sneak peak

My best friend, Molly is getting married on January 14th.

In June, she is flying down to Alabama for her "Southern Shower" as she has been calling it. I am SUPER excited about my first "MOH" duty! I have decided to set aside a little bit of money every paycheck so I am not buying everything at once in June. I have already bought a few things from ETSY and I wanted to share one with you. Here is a sneak peak of her theme for the party....

Can anyone (from the south especially) guess the theme? 

I love you so much!!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011


There are 28 days until summer! 28!


Can you tell I am excited? Summer is so fun! NO responsibilities, nowhere to be, the beach, the lake, the pool, family, friends, staying up late, etc!

Today I have been dreaming of this:

Gosh I can't wait!!! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Away for a Week

I did so good writing last week and this week I haven't! I go through slumps where I think I have nothing to write about. But sometimes thats ok. I am doing this so I can look back and remember this time in my life. I always want to press the fast forward button to my engagement, wedding day, and babies. I really need to enjoy this time in my life where all I have to worry about is myself and 70 sixth graders. :)

Last weekend I had SO much fun at home! Christen had to come home as well so I went to Birmingham to pick her up and got to play with the babies for awhile. They just melt my heart. All 3 of them. Each in their own little special way. Luke is the one who made me an aunt - He will always have a special place in my heart. Aubrey is my only niece (so far) and I just love watching her grow into a little princess. She is SO sassy and I LOVE IT!!!!! She will be so tough and is not going to let anyone mess with her. Levi is SO laid back and sweet. He is so content watching his older brother and sister. He will just lay there while they scream and play around him. I could just EAT HIM UP!! :)
I simply ADORE them. :)

Back to the weekend - Christen and I headed to Atlanta late Friday night and were exhausted wen we got there! Saturday morning, we went with mom to get breakfast and pedicures!!! It was so needed!!! I almost fell asleep in the chair :). Alot of my kids have asked if I have gotten my "toes did" this week :) haha- I didn't think they paid that much attention!

Saturday mom and I ran around town and then went to dinner with dad and my best friend Jessica and then went to see The 5th Quarter. It was so good! I cried ALOT! If it comes to a town near you, GO SEE IT!!! Support this sweet family!

Sunday we accidentally woke up late and missed church. Mom made us pancakes and we just hung around until it was time to go. Christen was ready to get back to her babies!

Long story behind this picture - Basically, we discovered RITA's last year at the beach and Alabama does not have any, but GA does, so every time I go home, we get it and send a picture like this to Ty's whole family and they get super jealous :)

I only got to see Ty for a few minutes on Sunday, so I am missing him this week. I haven't spent more than a few hours with him in 2 weeks which is VERY rare for us. :( I cannot wait until Friday gets here so I can spend the whole weekend with him!!!


So I told my principal Monday that I was for sure leaving in May. She was so sweet about it and wished me all the best! I am so excited to move to Birmingham and start this new chapter in my life. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me. I think I am going to live with my grandfather to help him out (and no rent!). I know it will be a time I look back and smile about! Please pray for my future job!!

"Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD." - Psalm 27:14

I will leave you with this hilarious video of Luke. It makes me laugh every time I watch it. For those non-local people, he is saying "Tuscaloosa" which is the town I live in!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So two Saturdays ago, I was at Ty's house straightening my hair and my straightener popped and then started smoking and smelling like something was melting. Goodbye brand new straightener. It was still under warranty so Ty quickly ordered me a new one. I have been curling my hair all week and it has not been fun. I didn't know what I had until I got this new straightener. Its just simply amazing. I never knew a straightener could work THAT well. So, to live without it for a week and a half (Ty brought me my new one yesterday) was not fun. It took me like 10 extra minutes to get ready.
best. straightener. ever.

Back to my cursed story....

Yesterday I am in the middle of drying my hair and my hair dryer dies!! Are you kidding me? A straightener and a hair dryer both die within a week and a half of each other? Am I not supposed to be doing my hair or something?  Am I supposed to go to work with my hair wet and undone? I mean really, what are the chances? And the hair dryer wasn't even 2 years old. I stole my roommate's hair dryer for the rest of the week until I get a new one. Thankfully, it likes me (for now).

So what do yall think? Am I cursed by the hair gods?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Scentsy and New Shoes!

Check out Scentsys April Warmer of the Month! It is super Spring-ish! Very cute! It is 10% off all month so it is $27 instead of $30. The scent of the month is Flutter - I have not smelled it yet but it sounds very springy! :) Please email me at if you would like to order this warmer or anything else in the Scentsy catalog! I promise you will love whatever you order! I am slightly obsessed with mine, which is probably why I became a consultant :)

On a completely different note, I ordered some new shoes from yesterday! My black sandals were old and falling apart and stretched out. I have looked everywhere lately for some cute ones but kept going back to I love my brown sandals I ordered last year from so I am hoping I like these just as much! I could not get the picture to work so I will post a pic when I get them!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

what a nice surprise

So we got out at 1 today because of possible severe weather and it is still sunny out! I am not complaining though because I got to go to lunch with some of my sweet co-workers!! We went to WingsU which is a new restaurant here in Ttown - don't know if its a chain or not but if you see it pop up in your hometown - check it out! It is amazing!  I had the BEST calzone I have ever tasted in my life!

What a nice start to the week!! :)

I am going home this weekend for the first time since Christmas and I am SO excited!!!!!!!!