Monday, July 12, 2010

the green monstah

In just 4 short days, I will be back in this magical place:

Yes, it is magical. Blog, meet the Green Monster (or as the locals say it, "The Green Monstah!")

Emily (my cousin) and I are flying out Thursday morning to go spend a 4 day weekend with this love of my life:
I am so flippin excited to see my molly ann and to spend the weekend in Boston exploring her new hometown! We both went to Boston last summer for our graduation gifts from our parents. We actually were there on the same day but she was leaving and I was just flying in. We both quickly fell in love with Boston and she is living out our dream and has set roots in Boston! I havent seen her since she moved out of our house last May!!! I cannot wait to spend 4 days with her!!!!!!

Thanks to my boyfriend's super cool dad, we also got tickets to see the Red Sox play on Friday night! I am SOOO excited! Of course, I will always be a Braves fan, but after Ty and I started dating, I was forced to start liking the Red Sox and after visiting Boston last summer and going to 2 games, I quickly fell in love with the stadium and team! I am so excited to see them play again!

Last year, we (of course) did the whole "touristy" thing and saw all the sights, walked around, went on a duck boat, went to see Harvard (or as the locals say it, "Hahavahd"), etc.

This year, we will probably do alot of the same stuff because Emily has never been but I am excited to just see Boston, as Molly sees it, as home. I can't wait to see where she lives, works, hangs out, goes out, etc. I'd like to think she lives in a place that looks like this:

I cannot wait! I'm like a little girl waiting to go to Disney World (wait, I would still be this excited to go to Disney World.....shhhh don't tell).

Don't be jealous, I'll take lots of pictures for you.

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  1. So excited for you! I'd love to visit Boston one day!