Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Okay - I am finally updating about my trip to Boston. I have been so busy lately getting ready for school that I haven't had time to update! I had a BLAST in Boston! I love Boston and think it is sooo cute! We went with Molly one day to look at an apartment and it was so adorable. I love the big city feeling. I don't know if I could live there but I sure do love visiting! We did a WHOLE LOT of eating! I think we based our days around all of the meals lol! Molly's boyfriend is a chef at a VERY nice restaurant so we ate dinner there one night. His restaurant is very historical and they gave us a little tour of all the floors of the place. It was very neat! The food was absolutely insanely good. I don't even like chocolate cake and I devoured the chocolate cake for dessert!
Here is Emily and I after dinner that night:

We also went to the restaurant where Molly works - again, amazing food! My favorite was the appetizer we got - Mac and Cheese bites! The view was great too!
On Friday we got to stay in a hotel because we were going to the Red Sox game that night and Molly didn't want us to have to drive back to her house after the game (she lives outside of the city). So we got star treatment at The Hilton! They sent us up a note and chocolate covered strawberries!!!!

This was our view from our fabulous room:

The Red Sox game was amazing of course! We had GREAT seats thanks to my super awesome boyfriend's dad! It ended up raining throughout the game and we were under the covered part so we never got wet! Boston lost (3rd straight game going to when they lost!) but we still had fun~! During the rain delay we had some lovely shirtless "tarp sliders" that got arrested for running onto the tarp!

That was quite amusing! Tommy (a friend from college) plays for Texas and we got to talk to him before the game and then he met us after to hang out! It was very good to see him! Here are some highlights from that night:

Here is Tommy acting like he's famous or something signing autographs :)

Saturday and Sunday were super fun! Saturday we went to South Shore, where we saw million dollar houses and rock beaches. It was so beautiful! On Sunday, we went to Plymouth and walked around - it was a very cute little town! We also went to Cambridge and Harvard. We walked around and ended the day at a little cupcake shop where a splurged and bought 4 cupcakes, yes, I said 4. And I am not ashamed.

Our sweet ride on Saturday!

It was a great trip! I loved hanging out with Molly and Emily in such a fun city!!!! :) Here are some more of my favorite pictures from the trip!

If you're a "Friends" fan, what does this remind you of?
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