Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Paisley Monogram Giveaway

I found Paisley Monogramming from another blog and they have really cute things! They are giving away a monogrammed umbrella that looks like this:

Head over to their blog to enter to win this cute umbrella!!!

how cute is that???

I really need an umbrella....i get SOAKING wet walking to my car in the morning from my apt when its raining. Then, just as I begin to dry off, I walk into school and AGAIN, get drenched. Now you might ask, Kathleen...why don't you invest in an umbrella??? I don't have an answer for you. In college I think I lost like 5 umbrellas. I would always somehow end up using my roommate's umbrella because I lost mine ALL the time. Its like an umbrella curse or something. Anyways, I desperately need an umbrella so I thought I'd enter in this little giveaway. :) You should too.... :)

Tomorrow is Earth Day and to celebrate we are planting flowers in empty milk jugs. I am a little nervous about this activity cuz I can just see soil and seeds and milk jugs flying everywhere but I know it will be fine! I have a grandmother coming to help so it should go smoothly. :) I am excited...and the kids haven't stopped asking about it!!! :) I will post pictures later!

Hope everyone had a GREAT Wednesday! :)

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  1. Very cute umbrella! I'm with on the losing umbrellas, I think I get a new cheap one every year! Most of the time I now have to just get wet when it rains b/c it's really hard to carry an umbrella & 2 kids at the same time :)

    Hope the tree planting goes well tomorrow. When I was in 1st or 2nd grade at Milford they gave us tiny "trees" (more like twigs) for earth day & I made mom plant it and it turned into that beautiful tree in our backyard.