Tuesday, April 13, 2010

catch up!

Well hello blogging world, I promise I did not forget about you. I've just been busy. Last week I ventured to Gordo, Alabama to spend the night with a girl I work with and let me just tell you, I felt like I was in a movie. Gordo is about 30 minutes outside of Tuscaloosa and boy is it so different! I have been to small towns but this one was so cute and tiny. It has ONE stoplight. ONE. did you hear me? ONE! Quite different than my hometown. We went up to her high school to walk around the track and she knew pretty much every person that was there. Then, we were driving home and she saw someone else she knew, so you know...she just stopped in the middle of the road to chat. lol! I seriously felt like I was in The Notebook or Remember the Titans. It is so different than Atlanta!!! I absolutely loved it though. I might get bored if I lived there but it was fun to visit for a night. :)

The next night she spent the night with me and we joined Lauren for dinner at Wings. Love my girl time...it was much needed too. Thursday night I babysat all night and Friday I went to Trussville for the weekend. So, needless to say....last week was BUSY! I like it like that though, makes the week go by fast!

This weekend was wonderful - so pretty outside!!!! Saturday we played with the dogs outside, ventured to a yard sale, then went to the park with Christen and the kids. The kids weren't into the playground too much but we played with a ball and ran around. :) I love pretty days at the park!!! Here is mu favorite picture from Saturday (go to Sparknotes to get the full park experience)

"Why are yall just sitting there laughing at me? GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!"

hello Christen's mini me....

I think she liked swinging with Aunt Kat better than by herself :)

P90X Update:

Day 6 (4/1) -ABS

Day 7 (4/5) - Shoulders and Arms

(since i was so busy last week, i slacked off....oops!)

Day 8 (4/12)- Cardio

Happy Tuesday! :)


  1. I'm with you on the small town thing, I love to visit, but think I'd get very bored if I lived there!
    We had a great time at the park, hopefully the kids will actually play on the playground next time we go!

  2. Great pics! I'm glad y'all had fun...y'all were about 10 minutes from my house - wish I could have come down and played!