Monday, April 5, 2010


Well, I desperately need to clean my room and bathroom so this will be a short post. I had an amazing weekend with my family and Ty's family!! Saturday Casey and I went shopping and got a pedicure (it was Casey's first..crazy, I know)! Saturday night we had dinner with Ty's family and my parents. Sunday we went to church with Ty's family, had lunch with my family, then went to hang out with Ty's family. :) We had a GREAT weekend!!! I am sad its over but I'm at the point where I want it to be Monday because that means one less Monday before Summer!!!!! 7 1/2 more weeks people! I can do it!!!!!!!!! :)

Okay, here are some pictures....

Isn't he so handsome? Especially when he gets dressed up. I am so lucky. :) (ok, he would sooo kill me for writing that...)

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter and remembered the true meaning of Easter......He is Risen!!!!!!!!!!

ps-Today is opening day for the Braves. Man I love this day....not to mention the Braves are dominating the Cubs right now!!!


  1. We enjoyed our Easter lunch with you!
    Can you believe that I haven't been to a Braves game since I was pregnant with Luke?!!! I'm going through withdrawals and need to go soon!

  2. I love your dress - it's beautiful, as are you!