Thursday, April 1, 2010

field trip!

Today we took the 1st grade to the Galleria on a field trip! We went to Build-A-Bear, rode the Carousel, and ate at Chick-Fil-A. They came back to school telling everyone it was "the bestest field trip ever!" --and it was. We rode the escalator about 17 times because half of them had never seen one. They were amazed by it. We also rode the elevator a couple of times but some of them were scared of it (haha) so we limited the elevator rides. I am in love with the fact that their eyes lit up when we walked into the big mall. It breaks my heart that none of them have ever seen an escalator before but I love that I got to share that with them! I think they liked that more than Build-A-Bear! haha! It was sooo cute! I told them we might get to ride again before we left and when we didn't get to because we ran out of time, I thought one little boy was going to have a little break down right there in the middle of the mall. Anyways, It was such a fun field trip! My favorite by far! I was the most scared about this one though. A big mall, lots of people, lots of kids and not enough adults...ahh! It went so well though! I think I counted them every 5 minutes!! haha! I am totally exhausted but it was totally worth it. I had so much fun with them!

Update on P90X:
Monday I ended up doing Cardio and Abs! Go ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday: Day off - ended up having to babysit after school until 7. Came home and ate dinner and went to bed.

Wednesday: Legs. This was my first disappointment. I felt like a failure but I know I just have to build up my strength. It was a 58 minute leg workout and I made it to about 23 minutes left. My legs were jelly and shaking uncontrollably so I decided to stop. I will build my muscle up so I can finish! I am determined.

Today: I think I am going to do arms and shoulders today! :)

HAPPY THURSDAY! Tomorrow is FRIDAY! whooo hooo!!!!

oh - ps---my principal started a little countdown to summer and today was 39 more student days....ahhh...crazyyy.

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  1. So glad your kids got to experience so many "firsts" on the field trip! We had fun eating with you!