Monday, October 19, 2009

photo catch up!

so i finally uploaded pictures from Jeri's homecoming and also from this past weekend! We played South Carolina this weekend and my friend Stefanie cheers for them so I got to hang out with her all day on Saturday...starting with an amazing bagel breakfast from favorite :). Stefanie and I have known each other for quite awhile, starting with playing on the Sharks softball team in elementary school! We then went on to cheer together at Due West, then the Harrison JR. Program in middle school, and then on to cheering at Harrison and Stingrays in high school. We have always stayed close through the years even though she was a year younger than me. We don't get to see each other often so I always LOVE spending time with her.

Here is Alyse, Me, and Stefanie at my high school graduation party...seems like ages ago!

Here is the Varsity cheerleaders my Senior year...Stef is in there somewhere.

Watching her get ready on Saturday made me miss cheering so much. After I didn't make Alabama, I learned to let it go. I had to. It was my WHOLE life for so long, I really didn't know what to do without it. But I had to learn. And it was hard! Very hard. For most of my freshman year, I never watched the Alabama football games, I watched the cheerleaders, jealous that they were getting to cheer and I wasn't. Anyways, over the past year I have looked into coaching alot. I got offered a middle school job but couldnt take it because I couldn't promise the lady I would be in Atlanta (this was before I got a job). I really really would LOVE to coach...hopefully I will be able to someday!

Back to the weekend...Saturday was SO fun....I havent been able to go to a game since our first home game. I was sick the other 2 home games! :( The game wasn't until 6:45 so we tailgated all day and walked around Sorority Row to see all the lawn decorations. My dad came and spent the night with me so that was fun too! Karlie (my cousin) and I about froze at the game but we had a blast...even sitting in the nose bleed section! Sunday Dad, Ty, and I went out to lunch before I had to babysit....the twins are getting SO big...FINALLY walking! YAY! However, I've been babysitting them since they were just months old...and never have had to chase them around that big house. That was challenging! I would follow one, then turn around and the other one was gone.....then find that one and couldn't find the other! Luckily, their 5 yr old big sister helped me out. :) Anyways, all in all...wonderful weekend! It was much needed after a horrible Friday. Started off with a kid getting hit in the face with a book which busted his lip and blood went everywhere. Then, my kids were crazy people after lunch and i MIGHT have lost my temper on them...which in turn gave me a headache. And then, to top off the day....a kid cried for 45 minutes at the end of the day....he was still crying when I left him in the bus line. ugh! Just imagine trying to hand out snack to 16 1st graders, teach a short social studies lesson, and then get 16 kids ready to go home all the while having a 6 year old laying in the floor crying and whining the WHOLE time....I tried to tune him out but I just couldnt. blah! Anyways, Here's some pictures from the past 2 weekends..... =)

How beautiful!! I cannot believe she is a senior....

My amazingly beautiful little sister and I!

Look who decided to show his face on the Quad Saturday!

Stef and I all bundled up was freezing!

Babysitting Ingrid, Zeke, and Xander on Sunday! Here is Zeke smiling and Xander not wanting to have his picture taken!

Zeke loves the camera

Happy Monday!

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  1. I know you'll get to coach some day soon, you'll be a great coach!
    Love your new jacket!
    Sounds like one aweful Friday, glad your fun weekend made up for it!