Wednesday, October 7, 2009

off to the zoo

tomorrow the 1st grade is off to the zoo. my kids could NOT stop talking about it today. im pretty excited too :) i am kinda nervous because this will be my first field trip where I am the only one in charge! ahhh...please pray for me. mom didnt make me feel any better when she said that they lost a kid on a field trip when we were little....ah. i told them today that if they took their name tags off tomorrow and they got lost, they were goners...bahahaha. i think they actually believed me. but kind of terrified of losing one...or two. thankfully ive got some parents going so they will help! nonetheless, im gonna be prayin hard tonight.

last weekend was WONDERFUL. and i mean WONDERFUL! it was so relaxing and ty's mom stuffed us with some lovely food! as always :). i just love his family...i am so blessed! ty and i played tennis on saturday...its his new obsession. he thought i was going to suck but he said i did better than he thought i would :). i did hit the ball over the fence into the other courts more than once. oops! tennis is a hard sport! i have wanted to learn to play ever since my uncle passed away last year. he LOVED tennis. all he ever wanted us to do was play tennis....we use to get tennis rackets for Christmas from him. i think he was smilin down on me on saturday :). hopefully ill get better if ty ever decides to play with me again!

so ive been trying to de-stress my life. apparently im too stressed....even though i don't feel like i am. however, i have had some big life changes over the past couple of months and i probably am stressed. my kids are a little crazy but i have started not raising my voice at keep me from going insane. and it has worked lately! :) we've had a good past couple of days. and i dont have headaches when i leave school. i have also tried REALLY hard not to worry about the little things. if you know me, you know i worry about everything. im not sure why, i just do. so, im trying not to. i know whatever it is, God is going to work it out. he ALWAYS does. so if anyone has any tips on having a stress-free life...i'd love to hear them. every night i try to read my devotional for teachers...its been wonderful...very helpful for teachers! its very encouraging and i feel like every time i open it, i read exactly what i need to hear. its wonderful :)

okay im done babbling...ill leave you with a picture from this summer.....

casey, ashley, and i after tubing one day....gahhh i miss summer....

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  1. I'm so glad Ty gave you a tennis lesson, and it sounds like he was a very patient teacher :)
    I remember mom telling me that right after her and dad got married they played tennis with another couple a few times and they got in so many arguments that they decided never to play again b/c they were afraid they'd get a divorce over it!
    A stress-free life would be wonderful, I think it's so important to remember that things that stress us out today may not even matter tomorrow. I love the verse that says "do not worry about tomorrow for today has enough trouble of it's own". Many times when we're stressed it's about something in the future (tomorrow, next week, next month, etc.) when all we should be doing is focusing on getting through today.