Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yes, I did it...

Ok, so I've done it. I've created a blog. No, I don't have any children to show off or a special situation to share about, and no, I haven't traveled to a different country, its just me! I just LOVE reading everyone else's blogs so I thought I'd try it.

As most of you know, I am a 1st grade teacher at Cottondale Elementary. Cottondale is a little suburb of Tuscaloosa. I absolutely love it there! And it doesn't hurt that I get to stay in Tuscaloosa for some more football seasons! :) The first week of school was a blur. I have no idea what I did with the kids, but we all survived....I somehow stayed sane and they all got home on the right bus so I'd call it a success. This week has been stressful but a breath of fresh air. We started our reading and math programs so we are on a schedule which is so nice for me and the kids. The kids have somewhat settled in and I am getting use to everything as well. It is so crazy how much stuff I have to remember, how much paper work I have to fill out, and how much I have to teach! No amount of student teaching could have ever prepared me for this but I am loving every second of it! Lauren (my best friend and roommate in college) and I were talking last night about how we were scared before we started that we wouldnt LOVE it as much as we thought we would...but we do :) and it is SO nice to LOVE your job. I know so many people don't! Anyways, all in all, I am in love with my job and in love with my 1st graders! We have had some bumps in the road but we are getting use to each other and I think we are going to have a fabulous year together!

Other than school, I haven't really been doing anything. I have been a bum and haven't been working out! I am all moved into my new apartment and LOVE IT!!! It is brand new and super nice! I will post pictures later!

My summer was absolutely amazing and I can't believe its over! Ty and I pretty much spent every weekend at the lake and it was so nice! I also went to my good friend Abby's wedding and it was so sweet! She looked absolutely beautiful! I worked at the drugstore pretty much everyday. I miss the girls I worked with there but I do not miss the mean customers! ha!

Being away from home for good is a weird feeling. I didn't really want to go back home after graduation but I kind of always thought I would end up there. I LOVE where I grew up but its kinda hard when the person you wanna be with is here in Tuscaloosa ;). I did get very homesick right after I found out I got the job at Cottondale this summer. I just couldn't believe I was actually going to be LIVING here, not just going to school at BAMA. It's a weird/grown up feeling. I miss home alot, and miss my best friends, and my parents....but I see my parents often so that helps! Ty's family has been like a 2nd family to me so that helps ALOT too!

okay, time to go put smiley faces on some papers and plan some lessons for next week! :)


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  2. Yay, I'm so glad you started a blog! I love the design you picked.
    I love Atlanta and always thought I'd end up living there too, but am so glad God had other plans for me!
    Please take down that 4th of July picture, I look awful!
    You're a great blogger so far, except I need to correct some of your's "used to" not "use to" ;)