Monday, August 24, 2009

ohhh mondays...

Mondays are so tough. I had the best weekend relaxing at the lake with Ty's family. I could seriously live on the lake. Its pretty much the best place ever! I think the weekend needs to be 3 days and the work week needs to be 4 days! I think everyone would agree with me. Ty got me and his sister, Casey a new wakeboard because the one he has is wayyy too big for us! We finally got to try it out this weekend and it was awesome....I'm becoming a pro!

Today was a good day...actually found time to take my babies outside for recess for the first time. Kinda sad that our schedules are so jammed packed that I can't even take them out to run around for 10 minutes. They loved it and I did too. :) Molly sent us a postcard from Germany so my kids were thrilled about that! After school I checked my mail again and she sent us another one! They are going to be excited again tomorrow! I need to take a picture of her part in my room so you can see our postcards! We wrote her back today...I kept asking them if they had any questions for her and all they could come up with was "Do you have a dog?"....I'm like common she lives in a different COUNTRY and that's your best question you got for her? Finally after some hints, they thought of better questions to ask her about living in Germany. Anyways, I am so glad we are being pen pals with Molly, it is such a fun way to tie in a little social studies and writing into our busy school days. Not to mention they think its the coolest thing EVER that the mail goes all the way across the ocean to get to us!

Well, I am REALLY behind on laundry and grading papers so I need to go get on that! Pray for me this week, I have a REALLY challenging student and I really don't know what else to do with him....I need patience and a loving heart!

Thank goodness Monday is over :)

I'll leave you with a picture...
this was a picture from Boston! On our personal tour of Fenway Park thanks to Ty's dad!


  1. Kathleen its COME ON not common, common is a completely different word...what a great teacher you are...

  2. I'm a little behind on my blog reading...glad you had a great weekend, where's the pictures of you and Casey on the wake board?
    That's so sad that you don't have time for recess every day, those kids need to get some of that energy out so they can pay attention better!
    I think it's so neat that your class is pen pals with Molly!
    Can't wait for a little birthday dinner Saturday night, where are we going?
    Tell Anna she can't correct your blog English until she starts a blog of her own!