Friday, August 21, 2009


gotta love the good ole' saying, TGIF!!!! Friday has a WHOLE new meaning to me now. Its pretty much the best day ever. Let the kids do some special games and centers that they don't normally get to do, and pop in a movie at the end of the day! :)

So my brother in law got mad today when he saw my blog cuz him and aubrey weren't in a picture in my last blog. So here ya go Ryan! I love you and Aubrey just a much as everyone else :)

What a precious baby!!! She is my new little princess! I love her! And I love being an Aunt! Here are some pictures of Luke having fun when Aunt Kat babysat him this summer.....

So, my molly ann is in Germany now being supermom to 4 kids. I got to talk to her today and it makes me miss her so much! However I am so glad she is getting to experience living in a different country! What an exciting time in her life! Check her blog out here ....its so fun to read! I love you Molly!

Okay, its off to the lake with Ty! :) Our favorite place to be :)
Have a happy weekend!!


  1. Ryan and Aubrey say thanks for adding them to your blog! Luke's hair was so much shorter in those picture...think it's time for another hair cut.

  2. Nobody wants to hear about you teaching 1st grade, you and Ty and nobody especially wants to hear about Tuscaloosa!!! My friend just bough this shirt that said "Save the Earth" and under the picture of the earth it said "Except Tuscalossa" hahahahhaha

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  4. Aubrey's not mad anymore.

    When you write someone's name on the board, you can add a check mark when they've been real bad.

    I'm not sure why it says Ryan Sparks, Attorney . . . pretty double-gay

  5. aw i love when i get to talk to you too! i miss you & now i'm obsessed with your blog like you are mine!