Thursday, August 27, 2009


tomorrow is my birthday! doesn't really seem like it though :( feels like just another day. funny how things change when you grow up. however, my birthday is pretty much my favorite day of the year so hopefully i can have a fun day with my kiddies! i told them it was my birthday so we'll see if they remember tomorrow! ha! my mom always cooked breakfast for us on our birthday before school every year when we were growing up so i am going to miss that in the morning :( i wish my mommy and daddy were going to be here! i'll get to see them saturday though! it was funny today, i completely forgot tomorrow was my birthday until i checked my mail after school and got a birthday card from a friend. before i opened it, i was thinking...."why is she sending me mail? i wonder what this is!" haha....

last year i had the best birthday! pretty much celebrated it thursday-monday! it was awesome....and it was "technically" the first time Ty and I "went out" together....we never really had a "1st date" but i always refer to my 21st birthday as our 1st date. so, it was special! the first time he held my hand was that night ;)

anyways, here's a few pics from my birthday last year! enjoy :)

have a good weekend!
ps- I GET PAID MONDAY!!!! MY 1ST BIG GIRL PAY CHECK!!!! im counting down the hours! i cant wait!

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  1. Don't spend all of your 1st paycheck...remember to SAVE some of it ;)