Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Happenings

Happy Tuesday! Thought I'd pop in today and update on our summer so far! I am thoroughly enjoying lounging around, cleaning, sitting outside, going to the pool, & hanging out with Emma! I've had 2 days of professional development already that wasn't too bad (other than sitting in a middle school desk for 8 hours while 8 months pregnant), but haven't worked on my maternity leave plans at all (YIKES!) so I need to get on that asap!!!

Here's what we've been up to this summer....

Over Memorial Day, we had my nieces and nephews while my sister and BIL went out of town on a trip so we made the most of the beautiful weather and took them to Ty's Aunt & Uncle's pool! We had the best weekend!

The first full week of summer I enjoyed an AMAZING prenatal massage followed by some girl talk and snuggles with little Miss Mabry! 

So back in December I had a cookie swap at my house and my cousin Emily brought this yummy chocolate mint cookies to share. Well, Ty got home and taste tested and analyzed every cookie and that was his favorite by far. He has been talking about them for 6 months straight so I finally made some for him a few weeks ago! Needless to say, I had big shoes to fill but he liked them! Score!



A few weeks back, we snuck away for a weekend at the beach with my parents and sister and BIL since my Dr. didn't like the idea of me going to the beach for a week when I was further along like we had originally planned. It wasn't a long trip but it was great! It rained both mornings we were there but it cleared up by the afternoon and we enjoyed some good beach time and some yummy seafood!


Last trip as #lathampartyof2

My mom snapped this picture when we were cooling off in the ocean. I love it!
I have laid out on our back deck a few times this summer and this girl loves to be out there with me but HAS to find shade somewhere. On this day, she chose underneath daddy's truck! :)
When we aren't at the beach or the pool, we have been enjoying alot of this.....

And for the record, Emma is oblivious to the belly. She does smell it sometimes (I wonder if it smells different??), but as far as noticing there is a giant belly on me, she has no clue. She still steps on it and lays her head on it, etc. :)


Last weekend I helped throw my sweet cousin Karlie a baby shower and it was so fun! Karlie and her husband are waiting to find out the sex of the baby so we don't know what that sweet ittle one is yet but I cannot wait to fund out and snuggle him/her! She is due just a month after me and ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!! We got engaged 5 days apart, married 5 months apart, and now our little ones will be 4 weeks apart!

 Bible study and Italian ice is how we do bible study in the summer!!! #everypregnantgirlsdream


Saturday, we celebrated my nieces' birthdays at the splash pad! Kate turned 4 at the end of May and Aubrey turned 7 on Sunday! I can't believe how big they are getting!

So I am sharing these next 2 pictures because sometimes being 4 years old is tough when you're one of the birthday girls and your aunt wants a picture, but please don't mind my pregnant large and in charge face and giant almost-9-months-pregnant-belly. #yikes
Poor Kate. #shejustcant
#epicfailagain #atleastaubreyiscute

So glad this little dude got to come to AL for the weekend and celebrate with us!!!

That catches us all up! Hopefully I will get the pregnancy update done for weeks 33-34 this week!!! Only about 5 weeks to go til we meet our little man!!!

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