Friday, July 1, 2016

Pregnancy Updates - Weeks 33-35

Happy July, friends! It is officially BABY MONTH in the Latham household and we could not be more excited!!!! I can't believe it is finally here. I cannot wait to hold that sweet baby boy in my arms. We are counting down the days!

I am 36 weeks, 3 days today but I need to back up and do weeks 33-35 today!

How Far Along:
Week 33: 6/7 - 6/13
33 Weeks, 2 days {6.9.16}

Week 34: 6/14 - 6/20
34 weeks, 1 day {6.15.16}

Week 35: 6/21 - 6/27
35 weeks {6.21.16}
It could be the shirt but from week 34-35, my belly looked rounder and lower!!

Size of Baby:
Week 33: 17.2 inches, 4.2 lbs, baby is the size of a pineapple
Week 34: 17.7 inches, 4.7 lbs, baby is the size of a muskmelon (?????)
Week 35: 18.2 inches, 5.3 lbs, baby is the size of a small spaghetti squash

Maternity Clothes:
Since I am on summer break right now, my wardrobe usually consists of nike shorts (they are getting a little uncomfortable now) and Ty's tshirts. A lot of my tshirts are too short or too tight so I'm down to my big ones and Ty's. I have never liked regular tshirts to be tight on my body (makes me feel claustrophobic) so I cannot stand to wear the ones that fit tight on me right now! When I actually do get dressed, I've been wearing maternity jean shorts and a top. As blazing hot it is in Alabama, I often have to fold the maternity stretchy part of the jean shorts down because they are SO HOT!!!

Sweet baby Boy, who remains nameless....bless him.

Movement: His movements have changed these last few weeks. I can tell he is running out of room in there!! Around week 34, I started feeling him all the way almost to my back on my left side!!! I think it was also around week 34 when we were sitting on the couch one night and he was moving around like crazy so I lifted my shirt over my belly so Ty could watch him move around. He stuck something out so far right beside my belly button that it looked like my belly was going to pop open like a balloon! It was the craziest sight!!

Sleep: Sleep is good some nights, and terrible some nights. My hips and legs start hurting when I've been on one side too long so I am constantly flipping from side to side. Some nights I can fall right asleep again, some nights I can't. #pregnancyprobs

What I miss: sleeping on my stomach

Cravings: Watermelon and Popsicles. Give me all the watermelon and popsicles!!!!

Symptoms: Acne is still out of control, my feet and hands are swelling (I had to say goodbye to my rings about a month ago and ordered myself a silicone Qalo ring), and my legs and feet start hurting if I have been up too long

exhibit A - I had just gotten back from SAMs and I was supposed to be folding laundry but instead I was eating a popsicle using the laundry to prop my leg up because they were aching! ha!

Best Moment of the Week:
Week 33: Showering my sweet cousin Karlie and her sweet baby due in August!

Week 34: hearing that sweet little heartbeat on the Doppler at the doctor! He said "that is one active baby!" - yes, yes I know :)
Week 35: getting the nursery done!!!!

What I'm looking forward to:
Holding him in my arms! I am getting so anxious and impatient!!!

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